Direct Credit Payments Overview

Accounts Payable Menu -> A/P Payments -> Direct Credit Payments

This option only applies when the Direct Credit A/P payment processing has been activated in the company Company Information.
If this feature is not activated, the options do not display in the menu tree.

Note: In Canada, Direct Credit Payments will work for any Canadian bank that supports the EFT CPA Standard 005 (1464 Byte) File Layout, such as HSBC, Bank of NS & CIBC or EFT CPA Standard 005 (80 Byte) File Layout - TD Bank.

The sub-menu options to initiate and process direct payments for vendors, include:

Select Invoices - Direct Credit Payment
Print Direct Payment Edit Report / Remittance Advice
Reprint Direct Credit Remittance Advice
Reverse a Direct Payment
Print Payment Register and Post

Rebuild Westpac NZ Direct Credit File

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