Vendor Account Inquiry

Accounts Payable Menu -> Vendor Account Inquiry

A vendor's account can be viewed at any time using the Vendor Account Inquiry.
This option displays all posted information about each vendor's account.
The option is provided to include UNPAID and PAID invoices on the screen lookup.
Account details can be printed by clicking the PRINT button in the detail inquiry screen.

The prompts are:

Enter the Vendor # to view, or enter the first few characters of the vendor name (ALPHA KEY) to list matches in the search/selection pop-up, or search for the vendor in the Vendor Search window.

  • Type ALL to include all divisions in the report.
  • To produce output for a single division, leave this field blank for the Head Office Division, or enter a specific division code, or select a division from the drop-down list.
  • Type SEL to select several divisions or divisions by accounting region to include in the inquiry, as outlined in Division Select By Region.

Accept the default starting date to view the entire account or enter a preferred beginning point for displaying invoices on the screen.

This date determines the ending point for displaying invoices on the screen.
To display the current account activity, accept today's date.
Invoices posted after this ending date do not display on the screen and are not included in the account total.

AGE AS OF Current Month End
This date is used to age the outstanding invoices into Current, 31-60 Days, 61-90 Days and Over 90 Days aging groups.

Check this box to age as of the month end.
Uncheck this box to age as of the Cut-off Date.

Check this box to include all invoices regardless of currency.

Uncheck this box to view invoices for a single specific currency.

Enter the currency of the invoices to be displayed, or select one from the drop-down list.

Uncheck this box to show only the invoices that have an outstanding unpaid balance.
Check this box to show both paid and unpaid invoices.

Leave this field blank for all invoices in the range, or to narrow the invoice list enter the Purchase Order number to list only invoices associated with billing of a specific P.O., or select the P.O. from the Purchase Order Search window.

Note: Even if a P.O.# is entered, only associated invoices that also match this vendor, currency, within this Date range, and according to the Display Paid Invoices filter, will be displayed.

Select one of the following sort order options to display the list of invoices:
A - Invoice Amount
I - Invoice Number
O - Purchase Order
P - Posted Date
R - Invoice Reference

Click ACCEPT to generate the output, or click CANCEL to abort.

Vendor's A/P Invoice List:
The resulting list of invoices for the vendor is displayed in the selected Sort Order, with posted date, the invoice number, invoice date, due date, and currency code. Any associated invoice reference number is also displayed with the original invoice amount, outstanding balance, associated Purchase Order number and any discounts taken.

The Invoice Ref column is also populated up to a max 20 characters by the Standard Data Import tool for start-up "Vendor Balances" when the primary invoice # submitted is greater than 9 characters.

Windows are provided on the Invoice# and on the P.O.# fields to view more details on these documents.

Display Sorting Options:
Click the SORT ORDER button at the bottom of the screen to resort the transaction list by Invoice Amount, Invoice Number, Purchase Order#, Posted Date or Invoice Reference.
VENDOR #: 100    BOMAG                                               TEL: 416-555-6611

                                                                ORIGINAL                     DISCOUNT
---------  ---------  --------   --------   ---  -------------  --------  -------  --------- --------
04/01/20XX  340089   03/15/20XX  04/14/20XX  C                   4628.75  4628.75                .00
03/18/20XX  340091   03/18/20XX  04/17/20XX  C  AQ-23049340091    255.00      .00    3000032     .00
04/01/20XX  340177   03/28/20XX  04/27/20XX  C                    529.77   529.77                .00
04/17/20XX  340230   04/17/20XX  05/16/20XX  C                    261.90   261.90    3000091     .00

CURRENT    31-60 DAYS     61-90 DAYS      > 90 DAYS            TOTAL
    .00        261.90        5158.52            .00          5420.42
INVOICE # Window:
Detailed information on both the invoice and the vendor can be viewed in the window on a selected invoice.
Example of Vendor Account Inquiry with Window on Invoice #
VENDOR #: 100    BOMAG                          TEL: 416-555-6611
|INVOICE #:   340091   INV. DATE:   03/18/20XX  CURRENCY:  C         |
|ORIG AMT:    255.00   POST DATE:   03/18/20XX  DISC DATE: 03/28/20XX|
|BALANCE:        .00   DUE DATE:    04/17/20XX  DISC %:              |
|DIVISION:             NOTE:                                         |
|BATCH:                PRINT ON CHECK STUB:                          |
|INVOICE REF:  AQ-23049340091                                        |
|                                                                    |
|A/R   CONTACT: JAN REILLY                 A/R   TEL#:  416-555-6611 |
|SALES CONTACT: MIKE FREEMAN               SALES TEL#:  416-555-6611 |
|ACCOUNT #:     4589                       FAX NUMBER:  416-555-6615 |
|                                          P.O.#:                    |
|LTD PURCHASES: 35669.78                   O.E.#:                    |
|VENDOR TERMS:  2% 10 NET 30            INVOICE DETAILS:             |
|                                       PAYMENT DETAILS:             |
|COMMENTS:                              1099-MISC CODE:              |
CURRENT     31-60 DAYS      61-90 DAYS      > 90 DAYS        TOTAL
    .00         261.90         5158.52            .00      5420.42


Window to see the Invoice details. The G/L Account #, Account Description, Division, amount posted to that account, and the P.O.# for Inventory receipt transactions, are displayed.
Click EXP/CON in the window to see notes for each detail line.
This A/P Invoice Tax Details window only opens after exiting the Invoice Details, if the Tax Calculation feature has been activated in the Company Taxing Parameters.
The tax codes, rates, taxable amounts and the calculated posted tax amounts display.

Window to see the Payment History on the selected invoice.
The check date, check number, amount paid, and any discount taken, are displayed.

This field appears only if the 1099-Misc processing has been activated in the Company Miscellaneous Parameters.
The 1099-Misc code assigned to this invoice is displayed.

Window to view the Comments from the A/P Vendor Information file. Additional Comments may be added by date.

Window to review and set any File Attachments associated with this document.

P.O.# Window:
A window is provided on the P.O.# field to drill down to the header and details of the Purchase Order as outlined in View Document Information.

If the invoice was split into multiple invoices for payment over several different dates, then the original source invoice will show as fully paid by the balancing reversal invoice. The individual distribution invoices will show as due on the scheduled dates. (Because some of these will probably be in the future, they may not all show on the current aging display.)

Additional actions provided by buttons on the A/P Account Inquiry screen include:

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