Print Direct Payment Edit Report / Remittance Advice

Accounts Payable Menu -> A/P Payments -> Direct Payments -> Print Edit Report / Remittance Advice

After invoices have been selected for payment in Select Invoices - Direct Credit Payment, the edit report can be printed, along with the Remittance Advice slips.

Remittance Advice slips only print for the vendors that have been identified in Vendor Information, to receive them. The Remittance Advice slip lists the invoices that have been selected for payment. It can be mailed to the supplier in the standard window envelope used for counter invoices, to give notice of which invoices were paid by Direct payment.

The prompts to generate the edit report and the Remittance Advice slips are:

The next sequential Direct payment number displays.
This number is used in the Check History to identify which Direct payment record paid the invoice.
e.g. Direct Payment # 135 would display in check history as Check # D00000135 paying the invoice.

Enter the currency code for the Direct payment run.

Accept the G/L Bank Account for this currency as setup in Default Accounts, or type in another bank account.
The checks will be written from this account.

This prompt is only available when Jasper Forms are deployed company wide in the Customer Forms.

Uncheck this box to print the Direct Credit Remittance Jasper documents and mail them to the vendors.

Check this box to email the Direct Credit Remittance Jasper documents after the A/P Direct Credit report has been accepted, to Vendors who have contacts setup with an email address and are flagged to receive a "Remittance Advice" in Contacts.

Click the ACCEPT button to print the Edit Report of the Vendors and Invoices selected for Direct payment, or click the CANCEL button to abort.
The Edit Report is a useful check, confirming the payments being generated.

CONFIRMATION SCREEN to Print Remittance Advice:
After selecting the printer with the appropriate forms paper, click YES button to print the Remittance Advice slips.
Click the CANCEL button to abort printing.

Note: If your firm uses the Crystal or Jasper Forms option to print documents, the Remittance Advice Slips can be printed in this forms control format using the standard report name TX_APAP32.
For information on Crystal or Jasper Forms setup, refer to Customer Forms.

If your firm uses Jasper Forms and has selected to email the Remittance Advice slips, the slips will still print immediately for vendors without an eligible Contacts, but the email document that is sent to vendors that are to receive an email, is not generated until AFTER the operator accepts the Report Printed OK .

A Document Log is generated after the print run indicating which suppliers were sent emails and which documents printed.

Click YES to accept the report and advice slips.
When this report is accepted, the invoice shows as paid on the vendor's account. This can be viewed in Vendor Account Inquiry, although no check number has yet be assigned.
When this report is accepted, any Remittance Advice slip emails are generated to the vendor contacts.

Click NO if the edit report or Remittance Advice slips are incorrect or did NOT print successfully, and need to be re-printed.

Direct payment records accepted here but not yet posted in Post Direct Credit Payment Register, can still be reversed if they are not correct, in Reverse A Direct Payment.

Use Post Direct Credit Payment Register to complete the A/P record with the Check History, to post the payment transactions to the General Ledger, and to create the Direct payment data file to be forwarded to the bank.

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