Post A/P Checks

Accounts Payable Menu -> A/P Payments -> Print Check Register & Post

Select Print Check Register & Post to post the payments to the G/L.
Both manual A/P checks and computer printed checks will post on the same register.

A detailed A/P Check Register prints the Check #, date, and amount, the Vendor, the Bank account, Invoice #'s paid, their dates, and amounts.
This report reflects the 'Alternate Payee' if defined for a Vendor in the Alternate Pay To Information.
A GL account summary report also prints, summarizing the current postings by account #, by division, and by month.
Posting does not occur until these reports have been accepted.

The prompts are:

Check this box to include all currencies in the output.

Uncheck this box to select a specific currency for the output.
To produce separate Check Registers by currency, select the currencies one at a time.

Enter the currency, or select it from the window.

This prompt is only enabled when the Activate G/L Posting By Division feature is activated in Support Application Parameters causing the following divisional posting rules apply:
  • The Credit to the 'G/L Bank Account' posts to the Division defined for the Batch.

    Accept the default blank division or enter a preferred division for the Credit transaction to the Bank, or select one from the drop-down box.
    Only G/L posting type Divisions can be assigned.

  • The 'A/P Control Account' Debit posting for the payment total posts to the division defined on the A/P Invoice header splitting out the posting amount transactions if a check has paid invoices from multiple divisions.
  • Any Credits for discounts to the vendor also post to the division defined on the associated invoice header.

Note: If this G/L Post by Division feature is not activated, all A/P payment Debit and Credit transactions post to the 'blank' Head Office division.

This optional report is only generated after the Check Register is printed and accepted and posted, as this report reflects the final payment information.
Select one of the following:
  • Click No to skip this optional check report.
  • Click Excel to export the check information to a spreadsheet listing the Bank Account# defined in the Company Information, Check or Serial number, check total dollar amount, check date, issue or void state, and the vendor name on the check.
  • Click Tab-Delimited to output the same data as the spreadsheet to a tab-delimited txt CSV file.

Note: To enable proper processing and import, the dollar value exported to the spreadsheet or CSV file must not include a decimal point.
e.g. $150.45 would display as 15045

Click the ACCEPT button to generate the output, or click the CANCEL button to abort.

If any Check Total does not match the payment details an error occurs preventing the run from posting.
Review the report for the check in errors.

CONFIRMATION SCREEN to accept Report and to continue Posting:
If there are no errors, confirm if the report has been generated successfully:


Click YES if the Check Register printed successfully to post the checks to the General Ledger and Bank Accounts. This hardcopy can be used for an audit trail.
If the optional 'Positive Pay output has been requested, it is generate after the payments post successfully.
If errors were made in the posted checks, they can be reversed using Reverse Posted A/P Checks.

Click NO if the report did not print successfully.
If there is a check error, reverse the check using Reverse Unposted A/P Checks.
After making any corrections, reprint the Check Register in order to post.

Posting Control
The Post A/P Checks program is designed to be run by one operator at a time per batch.
Locking will occur if another operator attempts to run the program at the same time, or if the first operator did not exit the posting program correctly.
A Posting Control Information warning will appear on the screen preventing the second operator from proceeding, and only operators with Security Role permission to reset the A/P and G/L Checks flag will have access to the RESET button that unlocks the program.
Whenever the posting control flag for A/P Checks is reset, a record is written to the Delete Log for the Function APCH91A.

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