Reverse Unposted A/P Checks

Accounts Payable Menu -> A/P Payments -> Reverse Unposted Checks

This program can be used to reverse an unposted Accounts Payable check.
In order for the reversal to be permitted, the check number must be assigned.
This means that computer checks must have been printed and accepted as printed OK.

Note: If the computer check has not been printed, instead of reversing it the payment can be modified in Select Invoices - Computer Checks.

The prompts to reverse an unposted A/P check are:

Type in the check number or select the check from the unposted checks in the window.

Enter the Vendor #, or enter the first few characters of the vendor name (ALPHA KEY) to list matches in the search/selection pop-up, or search for the vendor in the Vendor Search window.

The vendor name will display.

Accept the displayed currency or type in the currency of the check.

The check date will display.

The check amount will display.

Click the ACCEPT button to delete the check from the system.
All invoices previously selected for payment by this check will now be reinstated as unpaid in the vendor's account.
The reversal can be verified by reviewing the vendor's account in Vendor Account Inquiry.

Click the CANCEL button to abort the reversal procedure.

If the check has already been posted, Reverse Posted A/P Check can be used to reverse it.

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