Recurring Distribution A/P Invoices

Accounts Payable Menu -> Vendor Information -> Additional Information window -> Recurring A/P Invoices Distribution- icon -> Recurring Distribution A/P Invoices

Recurring Distribution invoices are repeat charges billed by a supplier, that are proportionately expensed to the same G/L accounts.
This window applies to vendors with the % Distribution option checked in the Additional Information window of Vendor Information.
It can be used to define the distribution percentages to the G/L accounts when the total amount billed is a varying dollar amount.

If a vendor is flagged as having Recurring Distribution bills, when an invoice is entered for him in A/P Invoices, the A/P Invoice Distribution window is triggered to allow the operator to use the pre-set recurring invoice transactions for the invoice, or to enter an independent A/P invoice for this supplier.

The prompts to setup the distribution percents and G/L accounts for recurring charges from this vendor, include:

The sequence number tracks the records in the file.

Enter the G/L account number or select the G/L account number from the drop-down list.

The G/L account description displays.

Enter the posting division or select it from the drop-down list.

Enter the Percent of the invoice total that should be allocated to post to this account.
The Distribution % total must equal 100% for the combined transactions, before exiting the window.

After all the posting details have been entered and the Distribution % is equal to 100, click ACCEPT or press <F3> to accept the transaction information for repeated use.

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