A/P Invoice Distribution

Accounts Payable Menu -> A/P Invoices -> A/P Invoice Distribution

Certain vendors bill the same charges regularly, that need to be expensed proportionately to the same G/L accounts, even though the dollar amounts may vary from one billing to the next.
These recurring charges can be set for specific vendors in the Recurring A/P Invoice Distribution window, so that when an operator enters a new A/P invoice in A/P Invoices he is prompted whether to use the recurring information, or whether this is a separate A/P invoice.

The prompts in the window are:

Uncheck this box if a standard A/P invoice is being entered.

Check this box to generate a Recurring Distribution invoice and to be prompted for the dollar amount as follows:

Enter the dollar amount that should be distributed for this invoice.
The program then populates the A/P invoice details with the standard repeat G/L posting Account transactions for this vendor, with the distribution amounts according to the percent allocated to each transaction in Recurring A/P Invoice Distribution.
Records can be added, deleted, or modified in the invoice as required prior to posting.

Note: If a Zero is entered, the A/P invoice details are generated with the appropriate G/L accounts and the dollar amounts can be entered manually.

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