Vendor's Recurring A/P Invoices

Accounts Payable Menu -> Vendor Information -> Additional Information window -> Recurring A/P Invoices- icon -> Recurring A/P Invoices

Recurring invoices are A/P invoices that need to paid regularly to a supplier, and are expensed to the same G/L accounts and divisions and usually for the same amounts, such as utility payments, vehicle lease payments, or property rental payments.

Recurring Batch Codes must first be setup in Recurring Batch Codes with codes and descriptions.
Vendors to be paid with recurring in invoices can be flagged in the Additional Information window of the Vendor Information.

This window can then be used to record the repeat posting information for the vendor as follows:

Enter the Recurring Batch Code or select it from the drop-down list.

The batch code description displays.

The Recurring A/P Invoice Amounts window is provided to setup up the G/L account numbers, divisions, and dollar amounts to be expensed on the recurring invoices for this Vendor.

The total amount to be invoiced is displayed, as defined in the window on the Details field.

Click ACCEPT to accept.

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