Print Call List

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Collections -> Print Call List

The Collection Call List should be printed daily listing any On Account customers meeting any combination of the following criteria:

Refer to the A/R Daily / Weekly Procedure for procedural information and process flow.

Blank Credit Rating
Often the customer's credit rating will not be assigned if the customer is new, or awaiting credit approval.
To assign a credit rating and limit for these customers, use Update Customer Credit Information or Customer Credit Information.

If credit ratings are not assigned, every customer which has unpaid invoices will show up on the "Call List" if the option to include Blank Credit Rating is selected, and the Call List (Summary) will look very similar to the Aged A/R Summary report.

The Call List should be the "short list" of customers that need to be called so if correct credit ratings have not been assigned to customers, follow either of these approaches:

  1. Implement proper Credit Approval
    For each customer on the Call List use Change Customer Credit/Rating to quickly assign proper credit ratings and credit limits.
    It is not necessary do try to do all the customers, just update the customers when they first appear on the Call List, then reprint the Call List again to get a shorter list of who to call today.
    Eventually, all active customers will have proper credit assigned to them.
    This approach will also correctly catch all NEW customers, and those awaiting credit approval.
  2. Set "Blank" Rating to 60 Days
    Instead of using the credit ratings A, B, C etc., leave every customer with the Blank Credit Rating Code.
    This credit rating code usually has a Call Days = 30.
    Change the Call Days in Credit Ratings for this blank code to be 60 (or whatever number best suits your firm) and change the description accordingly.
    e.g. "Call after 60 days"

    With this approach, all customers will appear on the Call List when their account reaches 60 days.
    However, high risk customers and new customers will not be reported until Day 60 arrives.
    This could become a significant drawback when collecting!

Account Overdue
The customer's account is overdue when the customer's invoices become older than the Call Days assigned to the customer.
i.e. If a customer has been assigned a B Credit Rating with call days set at 45, then the customer's invoices will appear on the Collection Call List when the invoices are at least 45 days old.

On the Detailed List, only invoices which are overdue (older than the call days assigned) will appear on the Collection Call List.
The Current Account Balance prints, reflecting the full account position. (The Summary List prints the full Account similar to the option Aged A/R Summary.)

Note: Customers with a credit (negative) Account Balance are always skipped.

Customers with overdue invoices should be called daily, and the calls should be logged using Log Collection Calls and the Next Call Date should be set.

Credit Limit Exceeded
If the customer's current account balance is greater than the customer's credit limit assigned in Customer Credit Information, then the customer has exceeded the credit limit assigned.
Customer's that have no credit limit assigned (i.e. the limit is zero or blank) are excluded from this check.

If the customer's credit limit has been exceeded and the report is generated for All divisions, then the entire outstanding account prints on the 'Collection Call List' detail reflecting the full account position.
If the output is generated for a single division or selection of divisions, only invoices for the selected divisions are printed regardless of Next Call Date.
This information is useful in deciding whether to raise the customer's credit limit or to call the customer and inquire into the current activity.

Note: Unposted invoices are not considered.

To raise the customer's credit limit, select Change Customer Credit/Rating.
When the customer is called, log the call using Log Collection Calls.
Also set the Next Call Date to ensure proper follow-up.

Next Call Date
If the customer fails to pay off the overdue invoices or resolve their exceeded credit limit, their account will appear on the Call List when the Next Call Date is reached.
An optional reason code as setup in Call Reasons can also be assigned to the next collection call that is planned for this customer.

The customer should be called again and the call logged again using Log Calls where the Next Call Date and Reason Code should be reset to ensure follow-up.

The prompts to generate the call list are:

Accept today's date or enter the preferred cut-off date for the report.

Check this box to accept month end for the aging date.
Uncheck this box to apply the cutoff date as the aging date.

Leave this field blank for all customers, or select a starting customer name from the Accounting Customer Search window.
Leave this field blank for all customers, or select an ending customer name from the window.

  • ALL to include all A/R Collector codes in the report.
  • Enter a specific A/R Collector code to print the report for a single collector, or select from the valid Collector Codes in the lookup Collector Search window.
  • Type SEL to select several Collector codes to include in the report as outlined in Collector Select.

Check this box to include ALL customer types in the call list.

Uncheck this box to specify a single customer type for the report.

If the "All Customer Types" field is left blank, enter the customer type or select one from the drop-down list.

  • Type ALL to include customers from all divisions in the report.
  • To print the report for a single division, leave this field blank for the Head Office Division, or enter a specific division code, or select a division from the drop-down list.
    Only outstanding invoices from this division will be listed, regardless of the division assigned to the customer in Customer Information.
  • Type SEL to select several specific divisions or divisions by customer region to include in the report, as outlined in Division Select By Region.
    Only outstanding invoices from the selected divisions will be listed.

Note: The customer accounts included in the resulting output are NOT limited by the operator's Divisional Restricted Views.

Uncheck this box to omit the customer notes on the report.

Check this box to include the customer notes within the selected date range, as entered in Customer Notes.

If notes are to be printed, accept a starting date of one week ago, or enter a preferred start date for the notes.
Only comments in the selection date range will print on the report.
Accept today's date, or enter an ending date for the notes.

Uncheck this box to omit the comments on the report.

Check this box to print out the collection comments for the customers, as entered in Collection Comments.

If comments are to be printed, accept a starting date of one week ago, or enter a preferred start date for the comments.
Only comments in the selection date range will print on the report.
Accept today's date, or enter an ending date for the comments.

  • Click on Summary to print the summarized report listing the customer number, name, contact name, telephone#, and the account aging.
  • Click on Detail to print the more detailed report that includes the credit information and lists the unpaid invoices for each customer.

This value defaults to the operator preference as defined in Operators.
Select one of the output options to Print a report or export the data to Excel as outlined in Report Options.

Customer Account Filters:
Select any combination of the following selection criteria for causing a Customer's account to be included on the Call List:
    • Blank Credit Rating
    • Account Overdue
    • Credit Limit Exceeded
    • Next Call Date Reached

    For details on each of these conditions, refer to the relevant notes at the top of this page.

  • Click And if all the selected filters must apply in order to include the account.

  • Click Or if the account should be included if any one of the selection filters apply.

Click ACCEPT to generate the report, or CANCEL to abort.

Note: The Customers, Invoices, Account Balances, and Account Aging Totals, reflect only the divisions selected for the report output in the Division, ALL, or SEL filter above.

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