Customer Credit Cards

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Information -> Additional Info window -> Credit Cards -> Customer Credit Cards

This file stores Credit Card or Electronic Check information for the customer.
The information can be entered manually or scanned and saved in this table when a card is used, or with Texada Pay the card or check information can only be captured using the Capture Card/Check on File utility.
The Card or Check number is saved with a mask of *****'s or of XXXXX's based on the clearing house software, and only the last few digits of the card or check are retained. US & CA credit cards and US ACH are masked with ***s. NZ & AU credit cards and EFT, plus CA EFT are masked with XXX

The Trx Type with description, the Name on the Card or Check, and the Expiry Date are saved.

When Texada Pay is not activated this card information is saved when the customer uses a credit card to pay for an invoice, a deposit or a payment on account as outlined in Capture Customer Payment Options.
Credit Card information can be capture manually or by scanners as outlined in Credit Card Scanners.
When Texada Pay is activated Credit Card or Check information can be capture in the Capture Card/Check on File utility. This feature allows saved cards or checks to be used to pay future charges.

Note: In order to re-use a credit card or check in SRM with Texada Pay the card information must be captured through the Capture Card/Check on File utility.

Expired Cards
When Texada Pay is not activated the expiry date can be manually updated in this table.
When Texada Pay is activated the expiry date becomes a display only field and cannot be manually updated. The expiry date is automatically updated when a new replacement card that has been supplied by the issuer is used for a payment in SRM.

Click EXP/CON or press <F9> to expand the record to access:

The Credit Card On File Report can be generated to export a list of cards captured for all customers or only card captured and flagged as Texada auto-pay.
The Credit Card Expiry Report can be generated to warn when cards are due to expire.

For information on utilizing an automatic credit card authorization service, refer to the Texada Pay option in the Software Integration.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Customer Credit Cards screen include:

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