Delete A Single Customer

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Information -> DELETE button -> Delete A Single Customer

Texada Web Stand-Alone Menu -> FL - Customer Information -> DELETE button -> Delete A Single Customer

It is not recommended to delete customer records from the system, since the information may still be useful.
This option can be used to delete a customer if required, and can be accessed from the DELETE button in Customer Information.

Tight control can be maintained on which operators are able to delete customers, by controlling the permissions on the roles assigned to Operators.
Refer to the Security Roles setup on the Security tab of Configure System Settings for more information.

If a customer record is a duplicate or is no longer required, it can be deleted using DELETE A SINGLE CUSTOMER.
This program ensures that the customer is not still active within the software, before it deletes the customer record.
Any Posted Sales History for the Customer will also be deleted.

A deletion record is written and can be viewed in Delete Log by function ARCF95, with the operator, terminal, date, time, customer number and name.
A separate deletion record is written if the customer utilizes an Alternate Account number.

If the customer is active, use Exchange Customer# to change the existing contracts, invoices, etc. to another customer number, so that the duplicate can be deleted.

Note: Inactive customers can be identified in Update Inactive Customer Credit Rating.

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