Reversing A Customer Payment

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Payments -> REVERSE button -> Reversing A Customer Payment

This program allows a customer payment to be reversed.
It can be accessed by clicking on the REVERSE button before selecting a customer in Customer Payments.
This button will only be active if the operator has role permission as defined in Security Role Permissions for reversing payments in the "Miscellaneous" options window.

Note: If the payment transaction cannot be reversed or deleted because of a blank or invalid payment method, contact Texada Support for assistance.

The prompts to reverse a payment are:

Enter the customer number or lookup the customer in the Accounting Customer Search window.

The customer's name, address and current account balance display.
Confirm that this is the correct customer.

Enter the check to be reversed or select it from the window.
A window on the Check Number field is provided to lookup a payment that was previously entered on this account so that the payment can be reversed.

The check information lists with the date, document#, payment, and discount amounts.
The list can be resorted by any column in ascending or descending order by clicking in the column heading.
Columns can also be dragged and dropped to reposition them as required.

To select a record from the list, double-click on the appropriate record, or highlight the record and click the SELECT button.

If the check was selected from within the window, the check date will automatically display.
The date range checking does not apply when selecting an existing check to reverse.

Note: Transferred checks cannot be reversed.

The Method of Payment originally used will display.

Note: Credit Card payment types defined as 'A' for automatic Authorization cannot be reversed as presumably the credit card is not available to be scanned.
If this payment type needs to be reversed, issue a credit payment using the utility Counter Payments.

The currency of the original payment will display.

The amount of the original payment will display.

Click ACCEPT to reverse this payment or CANCEL to abort.


Click ACCEPT to proceed, or CANCEL to abort.

Confirmation is required before the reversal or deletion is executed.

If the payment was reversed, the new reversed check should then be posted in Post Customer Payments according to the Batch assigned.
If the payment was deleted because it was never originally posted, no further posting is required.

Audit Record
When a payment that was originally entered in Customer Payments is reversed or deleted, an audit record is written under function name ARCH25C.
When a payment that was originally entered in Counter Customer Payments is reversed, an audit record is written under function name ARCH25D.
These records can be viewed in Delete Log with the operator code, customer #, deletion date, and check #.
Texada Pay payments are tracked in the Texada Pay Payment Log.

Trade Discount Reversal
If a customer payment with a trade discount on it is reversed, the credit invoice for the trade discount is NOT reversed.
The credit invoice must be manually reversed.

Re-entering the Payment
The payment may now be re-entered into Customer Payments as required.
If the payment was unposted, the original check number may be re-used.
If the payment was posted, use a new check number. Add the suffix A to the original check number to assist in cross-referencing later.

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