Customer Notes/Comments

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Collections -> Log Collection Calls -> Customer Notes

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Information -> Comments

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Account Inquiry -> Customer Comments

Customer Contact -> Customer Contact Information -> Customer Comments

Counter Menu -> Rental Document -Headers -> Customer Comments and Notes -> Customer Notes

This file tracks customer notes that are recorded by date.

Security Control:
Operator access to this information is controlled by the security Roles assigned to the operator in Operators.
To view the Customer Notes, the operator must be assigned a Role that includes permission to access Customer Notes as set in the "Miscellaneous" window of the Security Roles.
To change the date on the notes, the operator must be assigned a Role that includes permission to 'Edit Customer Contact Date' in the "Document Field Access" window of the Security Roles.

The operator Role Permission also controls whether the operator has access to the Customer Notes in the rental document header when the 'Open Cust Notes In Doc Entry' parameter is activated in the Company Miscellaneous Parameters.

Company wide controls can also be set to manage the ability to modify or delete existing Customer Notes in the Customer Information file, using the 'Note Access Within Customer Information' setting in the Company Security Parameters, where a Full access flag allows add, delete, modify, but the Add flag only allows operators to add Customer Notes preventing any existing comments from being altered.

Another Company wide restriction on how your firm allows the Customer Comments to be accessed in the Customer Inquiry and Customer Account Inquiry, can be set in the Company Security Parameters by the 'Notes / Collector Comments Access Within Inquiries' flag.
This company flag controls view, add, or update any existing Customer Comments in Inquiries.

When a new customer note is added through Collections from Log Collection Calls, a window is provided on the Notes field to view all the Customer Account details or only the outstanding details as outlined in Account Inquiry.

The prompts include:

The software automatically assigns a sequence number to keep track of how many entries are made for this date.
Initially this table is sorted in the order the note details were logged, but clicking the SORT BY DATE button at the bottom will re-sort the notes by the associated date.

Accept today's date, or type in a preferred date.
The date can only be modified by operators with Security Roles permission to 'Edit Customer Contact Date' set in the "Document Field Access" window.

Up to 999 lines of Customer notes can be entered, and previous notes can be viewed.
Any notes can be printed out on the next Print Call List for that customer.

Customer Account Inquiry:
Window in this Notes field to view the customer account inquiry information and print invoices as described in Customer Account Inquiry.
Only Outstanding or all invoices can be viewed.

The Include Current Invoices in Customer Account setting in the Company Security Parameters, controls whether unposted invoices are also included in the document listings.

Enter an optional type or category for this note as setup in Customer Comment Types, or select one from the drop-down box.

Click the ACCEPT button to accept and exit, or click the CANCEL button to abort.
Confirmation Screen:
When notes are added and the operator clicks ACCEPT this confirmation pop-up is triggered.
Click YES to accept the note and to exit the screen. Notes are saved regardless of how the operator exits the original function screen.

Click NO to return to the notes details.

Note: F3 to accept changes to the notes table does not trigger the 'Confirmation Screen' pop-up.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Customer Comments screen include:

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