Post Customer Payments

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Payments -> Post Customer/Counter Payments

Back Office Menu -> Daily Close Menu -> Daily Close 2 -> runs Post Counter Payments for batch 'CTR'

Reports Menu -> Automatic Reporting -> Function ARCP10 -> runs Post Counter Payments for batch 'CTR'

After the customer payments have been entered for the day in Customer Payments and Counter Customer Payments, select Post Customer Payments to post the payments.
All payments can be posted together, or payments can be posted by Batch.
Lockbox payments generated in Apply Lockbox Payments must also be posted through this utility.

Post Counter Payments for Batch 'CTR' as entered in Customer Counter Payments can also be setup to be triggered automatically:

The posting journals that are generated can be your audit trail, and can be stored with the other DBR reports for that day.

Reports to print:

Note: Any payments entered in Customer Payments are assigned the next DBR# in which they will be included, at the time that they are posted in Post Customer Payments.
However payments that are entered in Counter Customer Payments are assigned a DBR# when they are first entered. This means that Counter Payments appear in the Daily Close in the Cash Over/Short balance immediately (possibly even before the payments are actually posted.)

After posting, the G/L transactions from Post Customer Payments can be viewed in the Inquiry By Account# or Inquiry By Transaction#, and even output to a spreadsheet from the G/L Activity By Posting Source utility.

The prompts are:

Check this box to post all Batches of payments that have been entered, including Counter Payments. The cursor skips the Batch Code to Post field as all codes are to be posted.

Note: The ability to print and post all batches respects the Posting By Batch Control flag as set in the Company Posting Parameters.

Uncheck this box to post the Batch Codes separately, producing individual Check Registers by batch.

Enter the Batch Code to post, or select it from the drop-down box. The Batch number prints on the posting journal.
Note: Any payments entered from Counter Customer Payments have automatically been assigned to batch CTR, and print a separate payments summary report.

Check this box to post all divisions. The cursor skips the Division To Post field.

Uncheck this box to select a specific division for posting.

Enter the division to post, or select it from the drop-down box.

Posting by Division:
Posting to the 'A/R Control Account' by division in the G/L can be activated company wide by the Activate G/L Posting By Division flag in the Support Application Parameters.
Refer to Customer Payments for information on how divisional postings apply to customer payments.

Check this box to post all currencies. The cursor skip the Currency To Post field.

Uncheck this box to select a specific currency.

Enter the currency to post or select it from the drop-down box.

Select one of:
  • Click Name to print the summary in alphabetical order.
  • Click Customer Number for the summary to print in numeric order.

A printer can be confirmed or re-selected from the Printer option located on the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Click the ACCEPT button to begin printing the report, or CANCEL to abort.

POSTING Confirmation
Review the check the amounts on the Summary against the actual payments to ensure that the payments were entered correctly.

If the amounts are correct, click YES to post to the General Ledger.
If errors are found, click NO, and follow the steps below to correct payment errors.

If a posting error is identified, such as an invalid G/L account, a message will display on the screen, and will also print on the report.
The posting to the G/L will not be completed until the error is corrected.

Correcting Unposted Payment Errors:
If an input error was found, and the report was not accepted, it can be corrected prior to posting following these steps:

  1. Delete the unposted payment with Reverse Customer Payments
  2. Re-enter the payment into Customer Payments
  3. Re-run Post Customer Payments

    Note: If the payment transaction cannot be reversed or deleted because of a blank or invalid payment method, contact Texada Support for assistance.

Posting Control
The Post Customer Payments program is designed to be run by one operator at a time per division/location.
The Daily Close programs and Customer Payment locking will occur whether Post DBR By Division is on or off and a locking message will be triggered.
If it is on, only specific divisions get locked by Daily Close #1 that need to be completed or released as outlined in Reset Post Customer Payments, and if it is off the all divisions get locked by Daily Close #1.

Note: If payments are set to be posted in the Daily Close, posting control is also checked when Daily Close 2 is being run.
Refer to Daily Close 1/2/3 Process Locks for further status on GLPF locks for this function.

A Posting Control Information warning will appear on the screen and only operators with Security Role permission to reset the A/R Payments flag, and also the Daily Close 2 - Generate Postings flag if Payments are being posted in Daily Close 2, will have access to the RESET button that unlocks these programs.
Whenever the posting control flag for 'A/R Payments' is reset, a record is written to the Delete Log for the Function ARCP50A.
The record written for 'Daily Close 2' is for Function RSIH51.

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