Customer Types

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Customer Management Tab -> General Settings -> Customer Types

Customer types are useful for separating customers into different groups for marketing and reporting purposes.

The type codes can be maintained in the Customer Types window on the Customer Management tab of the Configure System Settings.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Customer Management - Customer Types in order to access this table.

Primary Type
A single Primary customer type can be assigned to each customer in the Customer Codes window of Customer Information.

Features Employing the Primary Customer Type Assignment:

Secondary Type
Multiple Secondary customer types can also be assigned to each customer in the "Codes" window of Customer Information.
The Secondary type is information only that is reported on some output but is not used in the reporting selection criteria.

Blank Type
If Customer Types are NOT setup, the blank code can be used so that the word UNASSIGNED appears in the CUSTOMER TYPE fields.
If Customer Types are set up it is recommended not to delete the UNASSIGNED category, because it is useful for identifying customers who have not been assigned a Customer type.

Multiple records can be entered as follows:

Enter a maximum of 10 characters for the Customer Type.

Use a maximum of 30 characters for describing the Customer Type.

This is an optional field that can be used to define a specific Billing Day Code for the Customer Type, so that all rental documents generated for any customers with this Primary Customer Type code, will be assigned this Billing Day Code.

Enter the Billing Day Code for this type of customer, or select one from the drop-down list.
Leave this field blank if documents for this type of customer should be assigned the regular calendar Billing Day Code.

Refer to Default Billing Method in the Calendar to setup the billing day codes correctly for 28 Days and/or Monthly billing periods.

Note: This Customer Type - Billing Day Code does not apply to contracts generated from Cylinder Entry as cylinder billing always uses the Billing Day Code defined in the Cylinder Settings of Company Rate Parameters.

Enter P if this a Primary customer type code only.
Enter S if this is only used as a Secondary customer code.
Leave this field blank this code is used for both Primary and Secondary types.

These options can be selected from the drop-down list.

Window to view and assign the profile codes that should be associated with this type of customer, as outlined in Default Profile Codes.

Click the ACCEPT button to accept and exit, or click the CANCEL button to abort.

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