Name Check List

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Information -> Additional Info window -> Name Check List window -> Name Check List

The Name Check List can be used to identify who can and cannot do business with your firm in behalf of this customer. Names can be checked during document entry at the counter, providing the ability to confirm that these people have been authorized by this company to rent.

If a name from this list is selected on a Contract, or Worksheet, a comment line prints on the document PICKUP BY:, and on a Reservation or Quote as "REQUESTED BY: name".
This verbiage can be modified for standard documents and Crystal Forms in Document Field Labels.
For Jasper documents refer to Jasper Appearance and Formatting window of Customer Forms for the language and label controls.

The parameters controlling how the Name Check List is utilized on counter documents include:

FOB ID's can also be assigned to records in the Name Check List that can then be entered or scanned in the rental document entry screen to identify the customer number for the document, or can be used to select a customer in the Document Customer Search or Accounting Customer Search windows.
If the customer is assigned to the document using the FOB code, the associated name from the Name Check List becomes the staff Name on the document.

The prompts to build the Name Check List are:

Type in the list of employees or individuals related to this company.

Note: The list of names displayed in the Name Check Select window for the customer, is displayed in the order that they were entered in this file.
However when selecting a name from the drop-down list, they are displayed alphabetically.

Type in a comment for this person.
e.g. DRIVER, or for a name not allowed to rent, type in FIRED or NOT AUTHORIZED

Enter the Status Code for this person that controls whether or not he should be allowed to rent, or select one from the drop-down list.
Status codes are setup in Name Check List Status Codes with an "Allow Rent" flag. An Error Message can also be set for the Codes that prevent rental. The error message is displayed in the document if a name with this status is selected.

Expanded Name Record
Click the EXP/CON button or press <F9> to expand the name record to access the title, address, phone, and division fields.
This is information only.
A customer employee can be also identified using a personal code on a FOB scan tag.
A FOB identifier of up to 20 characters can be assigned to each Name in the Check List.
FOB codes cannot match any other existing customer number, any alternate customer number, or any FOB used by a different customer.

When an FOB code is entered or scanned in Counter document entry in the Customer # field, it identifies the staff name and the customer number for the document.
For other documents and utilities, the FOB code can be used to select the customer from the Document Customer Search or Accounting Customer Search windows.

Click ACCEPT to accept the information, or CANCEL to abort and close this window to return to the Additional Information screen for the customer.

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