Customer Name Check List Select

Counter Menu / Order Entry Menu -> Customer Documents -> Customer Name Check List Select

Counter Menu -> Contract / Counter Worksheet / Reservations / Miscellaneous Invoice -> Additional window -> Name Checklist window -> Customer Name Check List Select

Counter Menu -> Cylinder Transactions -> Cylinder Entry -> Site Information -> "Order Placed By" -> Customer Name Check List Select

This window displays a list of name records setup in the Additional Information window of the Customer Information.
Each name can be given a status permitting or preventing that individual from doing business on behalf of the customer, so the operator is able to check if this person is allowed to charge rentals for this firm.

When the customer number on the document was selected by entering or scanning an FOB code, the associated name from the Name Check List becomes the default on the document, if that employee has permission to rent.

Search Results:
The Name Check List window displays the Name, Comment, Status, Title, Address, Division, and Phone number information, in the order that they were entered in the Name Check List file for the customer.
The list can be resorted by any column in ascending or descending order, by clicking in the column heading.
Columns can also be dragged and dropped to reposition them as required

The Required Document Information in the Company Contract Parameters, can be set to force Operators to select a Name from the Check List, defined with a Status Code allowing the named person to rent.

To select a name from the displayed list, double-click on the appropriate record, or highlight the record and click the SELECT button.
Only names with "rent" status can be selected as defined in Name Check List Status Codes.
If a name with a status prohibiting the person from renting is selected, the related status comment is displayed.

The selected name from the Check List displays on the document header screen.

Add Names:
In the Divisional Miscellaneous Parameters a flag can be set that controls whether the Name Check List can be modified and new records added during document entry.
When this is activated, the Check List file records can be updated by clicking on the ADD or CHANGE buttons at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Print Name on Document:
When a name is selected it prints on the comment line of the Invoice or Contract after the comment script.
Use Document Field Labels to setup the script to print before the name from the Name Check List.
e.g. PICKUP BY: (name selected from Check List) or CALLED IN BY: (name)

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