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Customer documents such as Contracts, Quotes, Orders, Reservations, Orders, Estimates and Work Orders, allow for two addresses, the Bill To Address and the Ship To Address.

For construction or heavy equipment rental firms, the job number or site number may be put on to the contract or invoice so that the customer can do his internal job costing. At the SITE # prompt, type in the job number, so that it will print on the contract and invoice.

The job/site # can also store special instructions and a P.O. number, so that counter staff does not have to type this in each time.


Note: A flag in the Additional Information for each customer can be set, forcing the operator to enter a valid site code on each document for that customer, with the exception of Point Of Sale Invoices.

To prompts in the Site file include:

Enter the customer number for a customer specific site, or look it up in the Accounting Customer Search window.

Sites cannot be created for BLANK customer number.
For a Global site, enter * (asterisk) in the Customer# field.

In Add mode accept the next available Site # for this customer, or over-type this with a preferred site number or code.

A window is provided to view and select from existing sites, as outlined in Site Search.

For a new Global Site, use a unique code or prefix the site number with a letter, because if the customer has the same site number, the customer site will always take precedent.
e.g. MALL, G1

Initially the Customer Name will display as the Ship To Site name.
Accept this name, or over-type with the name of the site or the location description.

Note: If any changes are made to the Name, Address, or Phone number for an existing Site, then when the Site Information screen is accepted the option is provided to also update matching 'Shipping Information' on any Open documents.
This feature is explained in more detail at the end of the Site Information page.

The Date and Time the Site was created is displayed.
This value can be used as a selection filter on the Customer Site Report.

Enter the address of the job or site.

This is a mandatory address field if your firm has activated the Texada Mobile service in the Logistics configuration.

If more room is need for the address, use Address Line 2.

The customer's city is displayed. Accept the default, or type in the correct city, or select from the cities and taxes as setup in City Tax Codes.
Additional cities can be added in this window.

A flag in the Required Document Information in the Company Contract Parameters can be set to ensure that this Ship To City and also the Site City, are valid cities registered in City Tax Codes.
When the Ship To City is mandatory on documents, if there is a 'Prov' and/or a 'Postal' code associated with the city in the City Tax Codes table then these Province/Postal values will default to the Site address when the city is entered on the address.

Taxable / Nontaxable Invoice Report can be sorted by Ship To City range. This report is necessary in the United States if your firm must remit taxes by Ship To City.
i.e. The city where the equipment was used/sold.

The Province or State from the customer appears. Accept the default, or type in the correct Province or State.
This value defaults from City Tax Codes if Ship To City is mandatory and the City has a Prov defined.

Enter in the mailing code.

A flag in the Required Document Information in the Company Contract Parameters can be set to force the operator to enter a Valid Postal or Zip code as determined by the format mask in Currency Codes.
This value defaults from City Tax Codes if Ship To City is mandatory and the City has a Postal code defined.

VERTEX Validation
When Vertex tax processing is activated in the Company Taxing Parameters this address of Street, City, Prov/State, and Postal/Zip is validated against the Vertex database.
If there is a discrepancy in the address information, a Vertex error is triggered, and the address must be corrected.
If only a partial address is entered (e.g. no Postal/ZIP ), Vertex attempts to find the tax area for the information that is supplied, but if multiple tax areas could apply a Vertex error is triggered, and more specific address information must be entered.

When the Site Address validation processing is activated in the Address Tools the Confirm Shipping Address window is triggered after the Postal/ZIP is entered to ensure an accurate shipping address has been captured and to append the zip+4.

The prompts that are displayed for Site Tax controls, depend on the tax processing activated for your firm, as outlined in Tax Prompts by Taxing Method.

Standard Tax Defaults for Site:
The tax codes default from Customer Information and if the operator has Security Role Permissions, the tax codes can be over-typed for this site as required.

Site tax codes can be left blank, but if a Site tax code is entered for Tax 1, a Site tax code for Tax 2 should also be entered.
When BOTH the tax code fields for the Site are left blank, then the Ship To City tax codes apply.
If there are no tax codes for the city setup in City Tax Codes the customer/division tax codes apply.

Enhanced Tax Exemptions for Site:
If your firm uses the Enhanced Taxing Method as set in the Company Taxing Parameters then the Tax Exemptions window is provided.

If this job/site has a telephone, enter it here.

Enter the Site fax number if applicable.

Enter any specific delivery instructions here.
These instructions will automatically appear on the contract/invoice each time.

If more room is required, use line 2.

The Print Site Instructions flag in the Divisional Delivery/Pickup Parameters can be set to cause these 2 lines of site instructions to print on all Delivery tickets after the products.

Any comments or notes for the site can be added into this window as outlined in Site Comments.

If this customer has a blanket Purchase Order assigned in Customer Information it displays. Accept the P.O.# or enter the correct P.O.# for this job/site.
This P.O.# will automatically default on every contract/invoice with this Job/Site #.

If the Purchase Order changes for every rental, leave this field blank.

Enter the number of days between service at this Site. This defaults to the contract but can be changed as required.
This interval is used in Job Site Service Schedule to determine the service dates.

If a customer is not paying for a job, a lien can be processed against the site and tracked as outlined in Additional Site Information.

Event management processing can be activated company wide by the Prompt For Event Code setting in the Company Rate Parameters.
Event processing can then be de-activated for specific divisions in the Additional Pop-Up Windows, in the Divisional Contract Parameters.

When this processing is activated and a Contract, Worksheet, Reservation, or Rental Quote is entered, the operator will be prompted for an optional job location and event. If an event code and location are entered, the document dates default from the event date range, and all rental products entered on the document are assigned a flat rate code of "E" for Event.
The flat rate charged is the product's regular rate for the rate code determined by the Global Job Event "Rental Rate Code" multiplied by the designated "Factor" for the event.

If the regular product rate structure does NOT include that Rate code, it uses the Event rate amount from the product rate structure and the Factor is not applied.
If the regular product rate structure does NOT include either that Rate code or "E" for Event, then the regular rate processing applies and Event processing does not apply.

If the document detail dates are changed then the regular rate processing applies unless the rate is over-typed with "E" for Event.

Setup the Job Locations for this site in the window as outlined in Job Locations.

The Job Events work in conjunction with the Job Location as explained above. The specific Event defines the rates and dates that should apply as outlined in Job Events.

If this site gets a special discount on rentals, enter the amount here.
This discount will be utilized by the contract and invoice programs.
A discount of 10% is to be entered as 10.00

General customer discounts can also be specified in Customer Information.
The site discount can either replace the customer's discount or be added-to the customer's discount according to the company setting in the Company Billing Parameters.

Any Loyalty Plan discount over-rides both the customer and site rental discount on the document header.

Note: Contract Customer discounts for a Customer Site can be set by Product Class, in Contract Customer Discount.
These job site discounts take precedent over other product and customer discounts on the contract.

If this site gets a special discount on purchases, enter the amount here.
This discount will be utilized by the contract and invoice programs.
A discount of 10% is to be entered as 10.00

General customer discounts can also be specified in Customer Information.
The site discount can either replace the customer's discount or be added-to the customer's discount according to the company setting in the Company Billing Parameters.

Note: Any conflicting price discount setup in the "Rental Rates & Pricing" parameters on the Operations tab of Configure System Settings in Price Codes, over-rules the customer discount.

Multiple external documents or images can be associated with this site when setup in the File Attachments window.

This field is disabled if there is no attachment directory defined in Company Miscellaneous Parameters.

This Site Superintendents table is only available when the Telematics processing has been activated in the Software Integration, and can be used to record the equipment service managers for this site with email addresses and with the notification level to apply, in the Customer Site Superintendents window provided.

This field is disabled for Global Sites, however a supervisor can still be assigned on a document for a Global Site, in the Document Superintendent Notification Levels window.

A manager from your firm can be assigned to handle this site, or selected from the drop-down list as setup in Site Managers.

When the Job Costing feature is enabled in the Company Posting Parameters, revenues and expenses related to this site can be tracked.
For more information on this feature refer to Job Costing Overview.

Budget amounts per job can be defined in the window for this site as outlined in Estimated Billing.

This field only applies when the Job Costing feature is being used to track costs for jobs at this site.
The actual costs can be viewed by customer in this Actual Billing window, with windows to the posted G/L transactions in Actual Billing Transactions.

Job Cost Reporting:

Once captured and posted, job cost information can be reviewed in:
Job Cost Report
Contract Report
Contract Report by Name
Inquiry By Account#

Prorating provides the ability to bill partial rental periods.
Standard prorating rules are setup for each class in Rental Product Classes, and an optional alternate prorating calculation can also be assigned to give preferred customers or job sites an even better deal.
This alternate prorating is setup company wide in Default Product Classes, and can be flagged to over-ride the Product Class prorating formula for specific customers and/or sites.

Note: Prorating does not apply to equipment out for less than one day.
It applies to time out past a day, and also partial days past the weekly or past the monthly period.

Select one of the following prorate options:

  • Click Customer to ignore the prorating at the Site level, and to allow Customer prorating as defined in the Billing Settings of the "Additional Information" window in the Customer Information to be used by when applicable.
    This is the option that is assigned to Global Sites.
  • Click Yes to always use the alternate prorating for this site, over-riding any Customer or Product Class prorating.

  • Click No to never use the any prorating for this site.
    This deactivates the standard Product Class and alternate prorating.

This field only applies to customer sites and not to Global sites, and can be used when the customer's billing address is different from the physical location address.
If a customer site is designated as being the Physical Address for the customer, the address in Customer Information becomes the billing address only.

Check this box if the address for this Site should be used as the customer's physical address.
This address is respected on reports such as the Customer Lists.

Uncheck this box if this Site is not to be used for the customer's physical address.

Note: Only 1 site per customer can be designated as the customer's physical address.

The Salesman assigned in the "Codes" window of the Customer Information is the Salesman that defaults to each document in document entry, unless a different Salesman has been defined for the Site. The Site Salesman over-rides the Customer Salesman.

Enter the Salesman code if this Site has a specific Salesman associated with it or select the Salesman from the drop-down list.

Setting up a Salesman at the Site level provides the ability to generate the Salesman Commissions Report by Invoice based on the Site Salesman.
The Site Salesman code has also been added to the Customer Site Report, and to the add new Site screen triggered from the Customer Job Site Search window.

Delivery/Pickup Site Information for Descartes:
This delivery/pickup information is only used by the WinRoute processing activated in the Software Integration.
These Site specific values are the defaults assigned to delivery/pickup information on the documents, where the information can be modified in the Site Search window.
The Site Type is used by Winroute when scheduling the type of truck for the delivery or pickup, as some neighbourhoods do not allow certain types of trucks without a permit.
Select a location category from the drop-down box for this site, as set in the Site Types.

Set the appropriate Loading Dock flag for information supplied to the driver on a Winroute delivery or pickup at this site.

Set the appropriate Call First flag for information supplied to the driver on a Winroute delivery or pickup at this site.

Set an optional minimum time allowance in minutes, that needs to be considered at this site when calculating the timing in the driver's route schedule.
e.g. Deliveries and pickups at a military base always require an hour to clear security.

Note: The Export/Import Site Delivery - Descartes utility can be used to update this required information in bulk for active sites.

Click ACCEPT to accept or CANCEL to abort.

Update Site Information On Open Documents:
If the Name, and/or any Address information, and/or the primary Phone number, has been changed in the Site Information, the option is now provided to also update the name, address, phone, in the 'Shipping Information' on any Open documents, such as contracts, orders, reservations, quotes, and current unposted invoices.
Closed, filled, and posted documents will not be updated.

Note: Only documents with name, address, phone information that exactly matches the original field values in the Site Information prior to the change, will be updated.
This protects the document shipping information from being changed, if it had been deliberately over-typed on a document.

Global sites are job numbers or site numbers or Ship To Addresses used by several customers, meaning that some Customers would have these sites in common.
i.e. For party rental firms, local convention centres or halls or malls could be setup as global sites, used by different customers.

Global sites can also be used to track the combined activity of several customers at one job. This would be the case if one company has several branches, each with their own Customer Number, but a site cost total for the customer is required.
(Each branch would have its own customer number ONLY if each branch was individually responsible for paying its own invoices.)

To identify a Global site, enter an * in the Customer# field.
Then fill in the job/site number (e.g. MALL), address (e.g. STONE ROAD MALL) and phone number information.
Leave the fields that do not apply to the general site blank.

Note: When entering a new Global Site, use a unique code in the Site # field, or prefix the site number with a letter, because if the customer has the same site number, the customer site will always take precedent.
e.g. MALL, G1

Customer Sites can always be added "on-the-fly" in the Site window on any the document header.
The Allow Add Global Sites in Docs flag in the Divisional Miscellaneous Parameters controls whether new Global Sites to also be created from the document header.

Ship to SAME
Some firms prefer to have the word SAME default to the Ship To address, rather than have the customer's address print as the Ship To address.
When the address is not the same, it can be over-typed with the correct address.

Set this up as follows:

Note: Several programs show the Ship To Name only, or sort by Ship to Name.
If SAME is used, instead of the actual customer address, these inquiries and reports will all read SAME, instead of a useful name.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Site Information screen include:

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