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Global Search window -> Site # field -> Site Search

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Information -> SITE button -> Site Search

Sites indicate where the equipment or services is being used.
The site address information displays as it will print on the document.

A flag in the Additional Information for each customer can be set, forcing the operator to enter a valid site code on each document for that customer, with the exception of Point Of Sale Invoices.
A flag in the Required Document Information in the Company Contract Parameters can be set to ensure that this Ship To City is a valid city registered in City Tax Codes.
When the Ship To City is mandatory on documents, and there is a 'Prov' and/or a 'Postal' code associated with the selected city in the City Tax Codes table, then these Province/Postal values will default to the Shipping address when the city is entered on the address.

Customer and global sites are both setup in Customer Site Information.

Determining the Site on a Document:
If a Site is not a mandatory field, when the Site Information window is opened on a document, the site address initially reflects the customer's billing address, and can be changed as required.
The site details entered in this situation, apply only to the document and are not saved for the customer.
Map and Directions from Store to Site:
If the URL direction and map information has been entered in the Mapping Tools section of the Address Tools tab on the Software Integration, a SHOW MAP button is provided on the Site Information window to launch your firms preferred locator site in a standard Web browser such as Internet Explorer, as outlined in Map Location.

Site Service Interval:
When this window is triggered to view an existing site and a Service Interval has been defined in the Customer Site Information, the default is displayed but can be over-typed as required when the site is selected for a specific contract.
Refer to the Job Site Service Schedule on details of this feature.

Delivery/Pickup -WinRoute:
When an existing site is displayed the three Delivery/Pickup values default from the Customer Site Information and only display when WinRoute is activated in the Software Integration, and when the site search is generated from a rental document.
They are used by the WinRoute delivery/pickup scheduler to calculate trucks and routes, and can be over-typed as required.
The Site Type is used to identify site neighbourhoods that restrict certain types of trucks, and the Loading Dock and Call First flags provide information to the driver.

To select an existing Site the following Site Search option can be accessed from the window on the Site # field, or if the Site is mandatory on each document as configured in the Required Document Information in the Company Contract Parameters, the Site Information window is skipped and the Site Search list is generated to select a valid site.
Options are provided to add, change and delete the sites stored in the Customer Site Information.

SITE # Search Window
The information in the Site Search window on the Site # field includes:
Uncheck this box to view only the sites which have been setup for this customer.

Check this box to select from a list a global sites.
A global site is a Ship To location that is used by several firms.
i.e. This would be the case if one company has several branches each with their own Customer Number, and a site cost total is still required.
(Each branch would have its own customer number ONLY if each branch was individually responsible for paying its own invoices.)

This option is disabled it the search window was triggered from the SITES button on Customer Information.

Leave this field blank to list all of this Customer's sites or all Global sites, or to narrow the search enter a part of the site name.
A partial string or phrase can be entered, and the search will find any sites with a description that contains those characters.

Check this box to display only sites flagged as open.
Check this box to display all sites. New documents cannot be created for closed sites.

Click the SEARCH button to initiate the search, or click CANCEL to abort.

Resulting Site Records
The sites are listed with site#, name, address, and the site information including the Physical Address flag and Delivery/Pickup values.
The list can be resorted by any column in ascending or descending order, by clicking in the column heading.
Columns can also be dragged and dropped to reposition them as required.

To select a site, double click on the site record, or highlight the record and click the SELECT button.
This button is disabled when one of the "Action" buttons below must be selected in place of the 'Select' button.
The Site Information window is re-displayed to confirm the address information.
Click OK to accept and proceed.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Site Search screen include:

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