Ship Via Codes

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Operations Tab -> General Settings -> Ship Via Codes

Ship Via codes indicate how the items are to be shipped.
The shipping codes can be maintained in the window on the "General Settings" parameters on the Operations tab of the Configure System Settings.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Operations - Ship Via Codes in order to access this table.

Often a "catch all" code is setup to indicate to the supplier to send it the "best way" or "cheapest way".
The Ship Via codes are used by Purchase Orders and Sales Orders to indicate how the items ordered should be sent to the customer, and also by Work Orders to indicate how the customer wants the repaired equipment returned to them.

The prompts are:

The sequence number tracks the ship via records entered.

Use up to two letters or numbers for the Ship Via code, e.g. P - Purolator

Enter the description for the code.

Click on the ACCEPT button to accept the list of shipping codes and to exit.

Example of Ship Via Codes:

    ----  ----  -----------
    001   __    UNASSIGNED     (blank code)
    002   B     BEST WAY       (cheapest, best shipping method)
    003   C     CUSTOMER PICKUP
    004   F     FEDERAL EXPRESS
    005   G     GROUND
    006   P     PUROLATOR
    007   T     TRANSPORT
    008   U     U.P.S.

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