XML Data Exports Overview

Utilities Menu -> XML Data Exports

The following utilities can be can be accessed from the Utilities menu for XML Exports and can be used to review, modify, or regenerate the XML export transaction information.

Export Invoices
Export G/L Transactions
Export A/P Invoices
Export A/R Invoices
Export Purchase Orders
Export Vendor Information
Export Warehouse Receiving
Export Customer Balances

View XML Parser Logs

+ XML Maintenance

XML data exports can be generated as part of the Daily Close posting processes, from any of the following sources:

The following XML data exports can also be generated automatically as a CRON JOB when set to run in Automatic Job Scheduling: All data fields in the invoices, data file, or transactions are included in the XML export file that is saved in a folder on the fileserver as defined in the Company Daily Close Parameters.
Selected XML export files can be pulled down to a local drive using the Transfer XML Export File utility.
A parser can then be used to reformat the output with selected data that can then be converted to new formats.

Note: The Export Vendor Information and the Export Warehouse Receiving do not require the use of a parser, because the data will overlap and it is not transactional in nature.
A prior batch cannot be re-exported.

This XML export feature can be defined and activated in the Company Daily Close Parameters.
An email notice can be generated through the parser setup command. The email will be sent to the address defined for the Operator that generated the export files, as setup in Operators and the sender will be the user logged in at the LINUX level.

Note: If the Export A/P Invoices or the Export A/R Invoices are setup to be run automatically using Automatic Job Scheduling, that export will NOT be generated in the Daily Close as well.

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