Customer Follow Up

Accounts Receivable Menu -> Customer Information -> Follow Up

Customer Contact Menu -> Customer Contact Information -> Follow Up

Counter Menu -> Counter Worksheet Details / Contract Details / Reservations -> Summary and Totals -> Customer Follow Up

Order Entry Menu -> Sales Order Details / Sales Order Invoice Details -> Summary and Totals -> Customer Follow Up

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Automatic Job Scheduling -> Function CMFE02 -> emails Customer Follow Up

Follow up comments and notes can be stored for each customer by date to trigger timely email reminders to the Salesman and/or Division contact, as defined in Customer Contact Information.

Comments can be flagged to automatically generate an email message to the Salesman or Division contact on the appointed follow up date.
This requires the cronjob CMFE02 to be setup to run daily from Automatic Job Scheduling.

Note: Comment records can also be generate automatically for customers matching a specific Profile Class/Code using the utility System Assigned Follow Up and CMSF10 in Automatic Job Scheduling.
These comment records are set to the Division contact in the Email To field.

Existing comments for follow up for this customer are displayed.
The relevant Customer number and Phone number display, and the comment information includes the following fields:

The relevant customer number and name are displayed.

The customer's primary telephone number is displayed.

Follow Up Comment Details:
Accept today's date, or enter the appropriate date.

Accept the operator default division as setup in Operators, or enter the desired division or select one from the drop-down list.

Enter a relevant note or comment.
These are reflected in View Follow Up Activity by Division or Salesman.
e.g. Call to schedule appointment after 1:00PM today.

Enter the date that follow up activity is recommended.
This date can only be changed on an existing record, if the Activity Summary code in the window is F for Follow Up.

Assign one of the following status codes to each comment record:
  • C for Complete to close a follow up activity record and prevent further email
  • F for Follow Up later and to generate email reminders.
    The Follow Up By date is reflected in the Next Contact Date field of Customer Contact Information for this customer.

  • I for Incomplete to continue generating email reminders.

  • L for Lost to terminate a follow up record and prevent further email

If relevant, enter a dollar amount cost for the follow up.
This value can be used in the selection filter on the By Follow Up tab in the Selection Criteria utility.

Expanded Record:
Click EXP/CON or press <F9> to expand the Follow Up activity record to access the following fields:
Accept the default salesman as assigned to this document or to the customer in Customer Information, or enter the correct salesman to do the follow up, or select one from the drop-down list.

An automatic email reminder referencing View Follow Up Activity, can be generated on the follow up date for customer comments flagged as F (Follow Up) or I (Incomplete), if CMFE02 is setup to run daily from Automatic Job Scheduling.
Select one of the following options from the drop-down list:
  • B for Salesman and Division to generate an email to both the Division contact and the Salesman on the follow up date.
  • D for Division to notify the division contact as setup in Follow Up Auto Email.
  • S for Salesman to notify the salesman assigned to this comment. An email address must be setup for the salesman in Salesman Codes.

The sign in division and operator code are automatically linked to the comment record for audit purposes.

Click ACCEPT to accept the information.

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