Configure System Settings

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings

The utilities in this program can be used to configure the tunable parameters to customize the rental software to meet your firm's specific business requirements.

Search Feature:
A search utility is provided to help locate a parameter or control setting, or to print a list of the configuration programs.
Click the SEARCH button at the bottom left of the screen as outlined in Search System Settings.

Moving Through the Options:
Click Tab on the keyboard to move to the first enabled option in the next section on the screen.
If no further options are enabled for the operator, Tab opens the next screen tab in the Configure System Settings screen.

The tunable parameters are grouped into several tabs as follows:

 General Ledger:             Inventory:               Accounts Receivable:          Accounts Payable:
  Chart of Accounts           Class Defaults           Method Of Payment Codes       Batch Codes
  Budgets                     Rental Classes           Payments Batch Codes          Recurring Batch Codes
  Statement Layouts           Sales Classes            Invoice Batch Codes
  Standard Journal            Depreciation Methods     Discount Programs
  Currency Codes              Depreciation Classes     Service Codes
  Default Accounts            MACRS Depreciation       Tax Codes
  G/L Batch Codes             Adjustment Types         Repair Charge Codes
  Date Range Control          Job Cost Codes           Waiver Codes
  Classification Type         Posting Identification   Reward Codes

 Inventory:                      Rental Rates & Pricing:        General Settings:
  Groups                          Calendar                       Off Rental Reason Codes
  Kits                            Cycle Billing Days             Quotation Status Codes
  Suggested Sales List            Company Default Rates          Drivers
  Power Kit Component Types       Special Rates Codes            Driver Routes
  Safety Notes                    Regional Rental Rate Types     Time Charge Operators
  Group Safety Sheet Names        Regional Rental Rate Matrix    Hourly Rate Codes
  Equipment Specifications        Contract Customer Discount     Employee Type Codes
  Order Codes                     Freight Price Codes            Global Job Events
  Meter Reason Codes              Price Codes                    Global Job Locations
  Product Status Codes            Circular Pricing               Work Order Service Kits
  Product Inquiry Sort Order      Ratebook Categories            Ship Via Codes
  Product Check Lists                                            Purchasing Agent Codes
  Maintenance Warnings                                           Purchase Order Layouts
  Warranty Type Codes                                            Rental Return Product Codes
  Disposal Reason Codes                                          Repair Maintenance Codes
  Spare Parts List                                               Delivery/Pickup Subcontractors
  Product Makes & Models                                         Driver's License Masks
  Bill of Materials                                              Vendor Terms Descriptions
  Fuel Types                                                     Contract Detail Prompts
  Inspection Forms
  Substitution Reasons

 General Settings:                Customer Contact:              Delivery/Pickup:
  Credit Ratings                   Profile Classes                Site Types
  Terms Codes                      Profile Codes                  Cancellation Reasons
  Customer Types                   Follow Up Auto Email
  Loyalty Plan Codes               System Assigned Follow Up
  Call Reasons                     Competitors
  Statement Letters                Competitor Reason Codes
  Collector Codes                  Customer Motives
  Credit Department Email          Contact Titles
  Salesman Codes                   Contact Social Media Types
  Commission Types                 Contact User Defined Fields
  Commission By Class 
  Business Source Codes
  Name Check List Status Codes
  Site Managers
  Performance Questions
  Expenditure Types
  Daily Close 1 Approval Codes
  Customer Comment Types

General Settings:         Web Services:
  Password Controls                Users
  Operators                      Sessions
  Security Roles                 Web Services API Keys [SCS only]
  Inventory Inq Categories
  Divisional Restricted Views
  Session Restrictions
  ODBC Setup For Oracle
  Dynamic Reporting Setup
  Dynamic Reporting Users
  Module Passwords
  Override Types
  Override Reasons
  Function Access Log
  Auto Login By Login Name
  Double Layer Security List

 Company & Divisions:           Printer/Device Setup:      General Settings:            Texada Settings:
  Company                        Printer Codes              Application Menu             Run Global Update
  Company Parameters             System-Wide Printers       Automatic Job Scheduling     Custom Configuration #
  Divisions                      Divisional Printers        Country Codes                Custom Processing
  Division Parameters            Daily Close Printers       Province/State Codes         Posting Control File
  Regions                        Check List Printers        Marketing Codes             Sanity Checks
  Software Distributor           Zebra Barcode Printers     Missed Rental Status Codes        Test HTTP Library
  Division Time Zones - Linux    Cash Drawers               Document Field Labels         Create Data Files
  Division Time Zones - Windows                             Clear Current Users   Check Sequences
  Zones                                                     Last Used Transactions
                                                            Last Used by Division

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