Divisional Restricted Views

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Security Tab -> General Settings -> Divisional Restricted Views

Some firms require a level of security controlled by Division.
Divisional Restricted Views can be used to limit access to documents, customer information, and some report output according to the divisions available to the operator.
This is useful when multiple divisions maintained within a single company are operating independently of each other, almost like separate stores or franchises.

Note: When the external 'Authentication' feature is enabled in the Texada Support Parameters this "Divisional Restricted Views" processing is disabled and the operator is redirected the to the User Management Menu on Texada Web.

The restricted views by Division security is based on Access Codes that set the data tables for the divisions that can view them.
The appropriate Access Codes are then assigned to each Operator, or across entire divisions.
This helps to maintain confidentiality of the separate divisions' performance, reporting, customers, rental agreements, etc.

This division control allows groups of operators to be given access to all or to selected divisions, and to all or to selected data modules.
e.g. Generally Counter staff would always be restricted to their Own divisions, but Accounting staff may require access to All divisions.

If your firm does NOT wish to utilize this feature, create a single Access Code 'ALL' with division Access Values of 'ALL' for all data modules.
Then setup each employee in Operators, with Access Code 'ALL'.

The restricted views can be maintained in the Divisional Restricted Views window on the Security tab of the Configure System Settings.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Security - Divisional Restricted Views in order to access this table.

The prompts to setup the Access Codes with the Data Tables and Division Values are as follows:

Sequence numbers are automatically assigned to track and organize the records in the file.
Multiple records can be entered.

Enter the code.

Enter a description for this code.

When a new Access Code is first created, the window to assign the tables to the Access Code is generated as outlined in Divisional Restricted View - Bulk Add.

Once the Tables have been populated the values can be reviewed and modified.
Window on the details field to setup and view the modules accessible by any operators that have been assigned this Access Code, according to the divisions as outlined in Access Values.

Click ACCEPT to accept the Restricted View Access Codes entered.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Divisional Restricted View screen include:

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