Export Customer Invoices To Text File

This is a maintenance utility that can be added to an Additional Options menu as it is not on a standard menu.

This utility can be used to export customer invoice information to a text file, by customer or by batch.
Only customers that are flagged as EDI Capable in Customer Information are included in this export process.

When a Batch code is entered on the selection screen, it is added to the Batch window for selection in subsequent exports.

Note: When an existing batch is selected and "Invoices not exported" = "Y" then the existing file is deleted and only the new invoices are exported to the file and attached to the selected batch.
The entire batch can be re-created by selecting the batch and "Invoices not exported" ="N". This will create the export file for all invoices (including the new ones) for the selected batch.

Topic Keyword: EXP_01
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