Division Select By Region

Search window -> 'Division, ALL, or SEL' filter -> SEL option -> Division Select By Region

This search window can be used to build a list of divisions or locations to be reflected in the report or output.

Leave this field blank if regions do not apply, and then enter the divisions that should be included in the report or output selection manually in the table.

To use the Divisions defined by region for Accounting, Inventory, or Customer, enter the appropriate region code or select one from the drop-down list as setup in the "Company & Divisions" parameters on the System tab of Configure System Settings in the Regions window.
The divisions for the region, and their descriptions list by sequence number.

Resulting Division/Location List:
The resulting list of divisions can be modified.
Divisions that are not required in this report can be deleted, and additional divisions can be added.
A drop-down list of valid accounting divisions is provided in the Div column.

Note: Some reports are limited to the Divisional Restricted Views assigned to the operator, and some do not respect this division restriction based on the type and functionality of the report output.

Click ACCEPT when the list of divisions to be included is complete.

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