Journal Import File Parameters

General Ledger Menu -> Miscellaneous Journals -> Import Filename

This table is triggered when a data from an external .txt file is imported into a journal in Miscellaneous Journals.

The file name is displayed and each of the field descriptions is listed.
A Excel spreadsheet column letter is assigned to each field description. These Excel Column letters can be changed to match the data fields to the corresponding columns.

Note: To ensure the tab-delimited file is saved in the correct format when creating the spreadsheet manually without using the template, leave a blank row with an * in the first column before entering the rows of data.

Click ACCEPT when the sequence is correct, to view the transactions to post with the debit and credit details, including the 'G/L Account#', 'Division', 'Amount', Debit or Credit, 'Source', 'Reference', and 'Details'.
The Tax Code fields 'Tax Code' and 'Tax Rec Code' are only included in the import if the Calculate Tax On flag in the Company Taxing Parameters is set to 'Journals/Checks' or ' Both'.

Click EXP/CON or press <F9> to view the Reference, Details and any errors on the transactions that may prevent the file from being loaded.

Any data errors will trigger a warning and will cause the import to be aborted.

Data File requirements:

Click OK to accept the import file and to be either prompted to continue to Add the Transactions to the Journal and continue, or to acknowledge a loading error.
Fix any errors in the import data and re-import the file.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Journal Import File Parameters screen include:

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