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This Tax report is based on the 'Standard' Taxing method as set in the Company Taxing Parameters and it includes tax reporting on A/P invoices, A/P recurring invoices, A/R invoice, customer invoices and/or G/L journals & checks, when optional tax codes are assigned to the transactions.
This report is useful to assist with Australia's and New Zealand's GST Business Activity Statement (BAS) requirements.

Note: The standard Taxes written-off and collected in the Bad Debts and Collections are always included in the 'Tax Activity Report' after posting.

All customer invoices processed through the Daily Close are included in the sales tax calculation.
The Calculate Tax On flag in the Company Taxing Parameters controls how the processing has been activated and whether it automatically prompts for tax assignment in A/P Invoices, A/P Recurring Invoice, A/R Invoices, and/or G/L Journals & G/L Checks.

This report is only available on the Menu tree if at least one source option is selected in the Calculate Tax On settings in the Company Taxing Parameters.
Then the tax information can be included in this Tax Activity business statement based on the transactions that have been manually given a tax code.
Transaction type INV will be classified as Collected on the report, and types AP, CASH & CHK will be classified as Purchases.

Note: Any direct tax transaction postings (transactions that have been posted directly to a G/L account that is associated with a Tax Code) are not included in the report.

The prompts are:

Check this box to include tax in the total purchase and sales values.
Uncheck this box to exclude tax in the total purchase and sales values.

Note: The report title includes a note whether taxes have been included or excluded.

Accept the beginning of the current month as the period start date or over-type it with the preferred start date.
Accept today's date as the period end date or over-type it with the preferred end date.

Note: Using the Cash Tax reporting method this date range applies to the Date when the invoices were Paid which could be confusing on the output as the output prints the Document Date which could fall outside of the selected date range.

  • Type ALL to include all taxes in the report.
  • To generate the report for a single tax enter the specific tax code, or select a tax code from the drop-down list as setup in Tax Codes.
  • Type SEL to select the taxes by region or to select multiple taxes to be included in the report, as outlined in Tax Code Selection By Region.

Select one of the following report options:
  • Select Detail to print detailed records of each document.
    The document source e.g. AP, INV, GL, will be displayed on the report with the document number.
    The Sales or Purchase Value and the Tax Collected or Tax Paid values are printed for each document.
  • Select Summary to summarize the tax total for each tax code selected in the range and to print each Tax with the Rate and the totals for the Sales or Purchase Value and the Tax Collected or Tax Paid.

A default setting for this field can be set in Company Taxing Parameters.
The report title will reflect the "Cash" or "Accrual" Tax Reporting Method.
Select one of the reporting methods:
  • Select Cash if your company reports tax on a cash basis.
    i.e. paid invoices only
  • Select Accrual if your company reports on an accrual basis.

This value defaults to the operator preference as defined in Operators.
Select one of the output options to Print a report or export the data to Excel as outlined in Report Options.

Click the ACCEPT button to begin printing the report, or CANCEL to abort.

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