Last Used Transactions by Division

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> System Tab -> General Settings -> Last Used by Division

This utility table defines and tracks the last used transaction numbers such as last contract number, last customer number, or last G/L transaction used, for each division.
It also tracks the running balances for relevant files.

This utility can be accessed from the "General Settings" on the System tab of the Configure System Settings.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the System - Last Used Transactions by Division in order to access this table.

If your firms does not utilize the Operators by Division feature, the company wide records are tracked in Last Used Transactions.

Enter the division or select it from the drop-down list.

The values in these columns of this table are maintained the by the system and should never be manually modified unless specifically instructed by Texada Support.

Warning: Changing the Transaction# or Running Balances could cause conflicts in sequencing and could prevent data from being accepted and saved.

The Allow Custom Document# column can be used to restrict or permit operators from assigning their own document numbers, according to the rental firms requirements for individual division.
The relevant Files that utilize this feature include:
  • INPH - Purchase Orders
  • OEOH - Orders
  • RMAH - Return Material Authorizations
  • RSCH - Contracts & Worksheets
  • RSIH - Invoices
  • RSLF - Leases
  • RSQH - Rental Quotes
  • RSRH - Reservations
  • RSVH - Sales Quotes
  • WOWH - Work Orders and Estimates

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Last Used Transactions by Division screen include:

Note: If one of the modules is missing from this table for a division, the system will refer to the company Last Used Transactions for the default, and will update this table.

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