Operator Security Roles

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Security -> General Settings -> Security Roles -> ASSIGN button -> Operator Security Roles

This utility can be used to assign one or more roles as setup in Security Roles, to the users across divisions based on operator name.
An operator will not see a menu if his role does not have permission.

The prompts are:

Enter characters in the operator name to identify users to update.
e.g. Enter MIL to list all operators whose name starts with or includes the letters MIL.

Select one of the following options:
  • Select Starts With to match only operators whose name start with the characters entered in the "Operator Name Matches" field above.
    e.g. Using the MIL example above MILTON, or MILLY would be found to match.
  • Select Contains to match any operators whose name include the characters entered in the "Operator Name Matches".
    e.g. Using the MIL example above HAMILTON would also be found to match,

Uncheck this box to view the roles assigned to these operators.

Check this box to add a specific role to operators.

This field is only active if a specific role is to be assigned to the operators.

Operator Roles Details - Paging Screen
The operator name matches display with Division and Operator code.

If a Single Role is to be Added or Removed, the box in the "Assign Role" can be checked or unchecked as required for each operator.
If all roles are being viewed or updated for the operators, the roles can be checked or unchecked as required for each operator in the window on the "Roles Assigned" column.

On exiting, the menu tree view is rebuilt.

The Operator Security Report can be used to export a list of all operators with their security roles and their current SRM access information to a spreadsheet.

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