Print G/L Computer Checks

General Ledger Menu -> Checks -> Print G/L Computer Checks

After the checks have been entered in G/L Computer Checks, they can be printed using this option.
Since the same checks are used for G/L checks as for the Accounts Payable checks, a check run cannot be printed at the same time as another G/L or A/P check run.
The software will prevent this by locking the program.

Laser check forms can be used in Letter Paper or A4 Paper size, as determined by the Print Options flag for G/L Checks in Company Information.
Dot Matrix checks are not supported.

Note: Using a Web App or Open Client, a PDF SETTINGS button in the Printer Selection window and in the print Confirmation Screen, can be used to maintain the settings for Check printing in the PDF Check and Statement Formatting window.

To print checks, the prompts are:

Check pre-printed the checks to determine the first check number.
Accept the next check in the sequence or type in this number if the default displayed is incorrect.

The check run is by Bank Account.

Check the pre-printed checks to confirm that the checks are being printed for the corresponding Bank account.
Accept the bank account # or over-type with the correct one, or select it from the G/L Account Search window.

A printer can be confirmed or re-selected from the Printer option located on the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Click the ACCEPT button to begin printing the checks, or CANCEL to abort.

EVENT window:
This window appears only if the event management processing has been activated in the Company Rate Parameters.
The check run can be generated by job as outlined in the Location and Event Information selection window.

CONFIRMATION SCREEN to Start the Print Run
Options to print the checks or adjust the print alignment are provided in the Confirmation Screen window.

CONFIRMATION SCREEN to Accept the Printed Checks
Options to print the checks or adjust the print alignment are provided in the Confirmation Screen window.

Once the checks are printed successfully, post the checks from Print G/L Check Register and Post.

Posting Control
The programs for entering and posting checks are designed to be run by one operator at a time.
Locking will occur if an operator did not exit the posting program correctly.
A Posting Control Information warning will appear on the screen and only operators with Security Role permission to reset the A/P and G/L Checks flag will have access to the RESET button that unlocks the program.
Whenever the posting control flag for A/P Checks is reset, a record is written to the Delete Log for the Function APCH91A.

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