Group Delivery/Pickup Type-D Service Overview

The main purpose of this Group Ranked Delivery/Pickup feature is to ensure the counter operators pick the correct delivery and pickup method for the equipment that is on the contract.
This prevents companies from losing revenue if the operator selects a delivery or pickup method that is unsuitable (e.g. a truck that is too small) for the equipment, and then charges the customer less than is required to cover the cost of the delivery and/or pickup.

Process Flow:

For example:

Delivery Services rank 001
HEAT1 - 1 TO 10 heaters - needs a pickup truck, delivery cost $50
HEAT2 - 11 TO 100 heaters - needs a cube van, delivery cost $100
HEAT3 - 100 TO 500 heaters - needs a 18 wheeler, delivery cost $500

The smallest one (HEAT1) should be assigned to the group.
When the delivery/pickup services selection window opens, HEAT1 will default, but if the contract has 50 heaters, they should select HEAT2.

The ability to modify the amount calculated for a Delivery or Pickup service on a document for a 'Type D' service charge is controlled by the two Allow Edit of Dlv/PU Services flags set in the Security Role Permissions for the operator, and by the Allow Edit of Automatic Services flag set in the specific Service Code.

If an operator declines delivery and pickup on the header of a document, but then tries to add a delivery or pickup service in the summary, the Delivery And Pickup Service Codes on Document selection window opens just as a reminder that some equipment on the contract has a specific service that they should be selecting.

Service pricing can be customized to a customer by using the PRICE CODE button on the Service Code screen to access the Delivery and Pickup Pricing Codes maintenance details, along with the price code on the customer.
This functionality ties into how much a customer will be charged for a particular delivery or pickup service.

Note: This "Ranked Delivery/Pickup" method of selecting the delivery/pickup method is disabled and does not apply if a "Type $" Delivery or Pickup Service Code is entered on the header of the document indicating that the document requires special pricing, perhaps because of the delivery distance.

Topic Keyword: GRP_DLV_PU
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