Driver's License Scanners

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There are two approaches for capturing Driver's License information that are compatible with SRM Software.

Driver's License Data Capture:
There are several options for reading the data on the Driver's License.
Refer to Driver's License Data Scanners for details on the Mag-Stripe swipe and Barcode scans.

Note: If the license has both the 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional barcode stripes, it is the 1-dimensional stripe that is automatically read first, so when scanning the 2-dimensional barcode, cover a portion of the 1-dimensional barcode stripe with your finger to force the scanner to read the 2-dimensional barcode.

Refer to Driver License Scanning from the "Help" library for details on setting up and using Driver's Licence scanning with SRM.

License Image Capture
This process scans the image on the front of the card, retrieving the picture and address information as outlined in Driver's License ID Image Scanners.
The Use IDScan Image Capture option can be activated by division from the Divisional Contract Parameters.

Note: Only the 2-Dimensional Barcode Scanner is compatible with Web App or Open Client sessions.

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