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When entering any new Contract, Invoice, Reservation, Quote, order, etc., at the customer number prompt on the document, the Driver's License information can be scanned by a card swipe that reads the magnetic stripe on the card, or a barcode scan of either of the barcode stripes on the back of the license.
Existing customers can be identified, cash customer information can be recorded, or a new customer can be added to your firm's customer file.

In preparation for using the driver's license activate the Prompt for Driver's License/ID feature for the relevant divisions, in the Divisional Contract Parameters.
Set the Use IDScan Image Capture option is set to NO in the Divisional Contract Parameters.

In SRM the License capture screens can be accessed as follows:

The province/state code defaults to the code from Divisions.

Refer to Driver License Scanning from the "Help" library for details on setting up and using Driver's Licence scanning with SRM.

The other related flags that can be set in the Divisional Contract Parameters, include:

This is an alternative to the Mag-Stripe card scan and requires a different scanners that retrieves and stores the picture and address information.
This option must be set to NO in order to utilize barcode scanners.
This feature is only available on Windows workstations, and if activated reverts to the Mag-Stripe card scan on Green Screen text workstations.
For more information on this scanner refer to Driver's License ID Image Scanners

This parameter controls whether the software automatically opens a customer lookup window when a new Driver's License is entered or scanned, allowing the Operator to select an existing Customer #.
The new license number will be added to this customer.

This parameter controls whether any changes made to the Driver's License name and address information, also update the main customer record in Customer Information.
This can be set to occur for all customers, no customers, or Cash customers only.

An optional driver's license mask can be setup by province or state in Driver's License Masks so that when the license is entered at the counter on the invoice, contract, etc., the dashes do not have to be entered. The sequence of letters and numbers must match the mask for the province/state.
If the province/state code is not listed in this file, no check is made on the license.

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