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Bank or Credit Cards can be scanned or entered manually to indicate how the payments were paid in any of the invoicing, payment, or deposit programs.

In preparation for using the Card scanner, set the number of tracks that your scanners read in Company Information. Scanners can have 2 or 3 tracks. Decide on one type of scanner to use for reading driver's licenses and credit cards, throughout the company.

The methods of payments requiring Debit or Credit Card transactions are identified in Method Of Payment Codes by the Card type column as follows:

Authorize Check Only:
For Card types 'Y' and 'S', Credit Cards can also be scanned for pre-authorization only, without generating an actual charge.
The Default Authorization Only Prompt for Credit Card can be set in the Divisional Miscellaneous Parameters.
This default can be over-typed on the document as required.

Taking the Payment:
Refer to the Capture Customer Payment Options for details on the different card and cash payment methods available.

Storing Credit Card Information:
Any card information that is captured is store for the customer in the "Additional Information" window of Customer Information, and can be accessed in the Customer Credit Cards window.

Auto Authorization Feature:
For information on utilizing an automatic credit card authorization service, refer to the Texada Pay in the Software Integration.

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