Inventory Control Utilities

Utilities Menu -> Inventory Control
Clone Rental & Sales Products
+ Status Codes
+ Rates/Prices/Costs
Update Vendor Product # and Description
Update Product Vendor
Update Class/Group/Vendor on Product
Clone Group Information to Products
Restructure Class/Group/Rates/Tag
Update Make/Model Information
Update Kits for Products
Depreciation Reversal Utility
+ Change/Merge Product Numbers
Change Bulk Status
Change Sales Product Serial# Flag
Update Fixed Asset Tags
Verify Asset Tag Qty = Location Qty
Delete Fixed Asset Tag
+ Posting Identification

Rebuild Product Description Index

Update On Hand Quantity by Product#
Inventory Location Discrepancy Report
Move Inventory to Another Location

Update Meter Prompt/Meter Hours

Product Suspension Information
Update Date Counted by Product
Update MACRS Accumulated Depreciation
Maintain External Resource URL
Maintain Fuel Types
Rebuild Out-Hours for Non-Bulk Rentals

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