Close Open Warehouse Receivings

Purchase Order Menu -> Reports -> Outstanding Warehouse Receipts -> 'Update' Report Option -> Close Open Warehouse Receivings

This utility lists products in the selection range from Outstanding Warehouse Receipts that have been received in the warehouse, but have not yet been invoiced and posted in A/P Invoices.
This can be useful to close negative quantity receivings that were processed in order to return stock to the supplier when a negative A/P Invoice is not required to reverse the billing.

The resulting list includes the products by product number with the description, vendor, date of the receiving transaction, P.O.#, quantity received but not invoiced, and the average cost.
Click the EXP/CON button to expand the transactions to view the vendor name.

If items appear on this list which should already have been A/P invoiced and that are actually no longer outstanding, this utility can be used to clear the corresponding warehouse transactions that no longer apply.
Once an item is flagged as closed the warehouse transaction will no longer be eligible for A/P invoicing.

Note: This utility is only available to operators with role permission to Close Open Warehouse Receipts as defined in the Security Role Permissions that is assigned in the Operators.

Steps to confirm Warehouse Receipts to Close using Packing Slips:

  1. Gather all open Packing Slips together (i.e. ones that have been received, but have not yet been matched up with an Accounts Payable invoice).

    Match each item on the screen to the open Packing Slips.
    These are valid open transactions pending the entry of the A/P invoice.

  2. Any items left over on the screen with no open packing slip, should NOT be considered outstanding.
    Check out each item before closing it, by investigating the P.O. number and/or Packing Slip number that was entered with this Warehouse Receiving Transaction.
    This information can be viewed in Warehouse Receiving.

    Close items that should not be outstanding by checking the Closed box for that item.
    Close any items that are listed as an "Open Receiving" but that have no quantity.

    Note: Re-Rent receiving transactions cannot be closed in this utility so the Closed checkbox is disabled for rental products that belong to a Rental Product Class that is defined as a Re-rent class.

  3. When the selection is completed, click OK.
    A Summary of Receiving Adjustments is generated, listing the value of the transactions to be closed with the receiving date and quantity.
    Options include:

Note: Closing a Warehouse Receipt transaction without invoicing it through this utility will not change the status of the P.O. from "Received not Invoiced" as that is still true, and the P.O. will still be included in the "Received not Invoiced" category for the Search parameters.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Close Open Warehouse Receivings screen include:

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