Update Product Meter Information

Counter Menu -> Contract Details / Rental Return / Exchange by Contract -> for Metered Non-Bulk Rental -> Update Product Meter Information

Back Office Menu -> Cycle Billing -> Bill a Single Contract -> for Metered Non-Bulk Rental -> Update Product Meter Information

Work Order Menu -> Work Orders -> for Metered Non-Bulk Rental -> Update Product Meter Information

The window to review and update the meter reading for the equipment, appears only for non-bulk metered rental products when put out on contract, or when the worksheet is converted to a contract, or when the equipment is being exchanged, billed, serviced, or returned.

Note: This window is not triggered on the Rental Return if the return is based on a Texada Web In Yard Return where the meter count has already been captured, and the operator does not have role permission to 'Modify In-Yard Meter In Returns' as controlled in the "Texada Web/Rental Logic" window of the Security Role Permissions.

There are two methods of calculating the units eligible for billing:

The prompts include:

The metered product # is displayed.

The description is displayed.

The total life to date meter count for this product is displayed, and a window is provided to view Meter History transactions for this equipment.

The current count on the meter is displayed per the Rental Inventory.

When the equipment is being put out on a Contract or Work Order the Meter Out defaults from the Current Meter Reading, but this can be over-typed if required.
This is the starting meter reading for which billable units will be tracked on this document.

This field is display only, when the equipment is being returned or exchanged, as the Meter Out count has already been logged.

The Meter In reading only applies at time of billing or exchange.

The Default Meter In To Meter Out / Current Meter flag in the Company Inventory Parameters can be set to cause the Meter In to always default to the Meter Out count, or to be blank to force the operator to enter a new count at check in, except in the Cycle Bill a Single Contract utility where instead of a blank the Meter In defaults to the "Current Meter" value.

Confirm the reading or enter the new meter reading to update the equipment's meter history, and to calculate billable meter units used.
The difference in the Meter Out and the Meter In count is displayed.

If a Meter In or Meter Out reading is entered that is less than the Current Meter Reading, select a Reason Code from the Meter Reason Code Search window.

Note: When the Meter count is being entered on a Rental Return, a default Reason code applies if setup in the Company Billing Parameters.

For information on tracking Meter correction, rollover or replacement on equipment refer to Update Meter Prompt/Meter Hours.

Click OK if this is correct to accept and exit the meter update window.

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