Sales Order Invoices

Order Entry Menu -> Sales Order Invoices

This invoicing program is an alternative to the Order Entry process, using a direct invoicing approach which eliminates the need to setup a product order and then to bill it.

This option can also be used to view and update a Sales Order Invoice that was generated from a Sales Orders.
Refer to Sales Orders for a detailed description of the full Sales Order entry process.

This short cut approach skips the use of a Sales Orders.
This is useful for low sales order volumes with few back orders. It is also useful for firms that have limited sales order staff available.
The steps are:

  1. First the order is taken and manually written down with the customer's requests and the customer's name and address.
  2. Assemble the parts to fill the order manually.

  3. Bill only items shipped or taken by the customer using this Sales Order Invoices option.
    This program assumes that the order has already been filled, but if any products are entered as back ordered, an outstanding Sales Order is automatically generated when the invoice is created.

  4. To reprint the sales order invoice, use Print Sale Order Invoices.

  5. Use the Sales Order Invoice Inquiries to look up billed sales orders, to see what the customer ordered in the past.

  6. Sales Order Invoices respect any Suggested Sales List assigned to the product that is entered on the invoice.

  7. Sales Order Invoices that are not flagged to 'Hold" will post to the General Ledger and to the Accounts Receivable Ledger when the next Daily Close is completed.

Order Invoice Header screen:
The Sales Order Invoice Header captures the customer billing and shipping information for the invoice.
It is similar to the Miscellaneous Invoices.

Entering a Sales Order Invoice directly assumes that the customer's order has already been filled manually, and now staff needs to create an invoice to bill the customer.
Existing Sales Order Invoices can also be reviewed whether they were entered directly or whether they are the results of filling a Sales Orders.

Refer to Miscellaneous Invoices for information on entering each field in the invoice header.

Order Invoice Details screen:
The next major screen is the Order Invoice Details where the sales products are selected for billing.
Refer to Sales Order Invoice Details for complete details.

Note: A Sales Order Invoice with any products having "Back Ordered" quantities automatically generates an outstanding Order that can be accessed in Sales Orders when quantity is available to fill it.

Order Invoice Totals Summary screen:
Then the invoice can be completed as outlined in Sales Order Invoice Totals and Services summary window.

Note: Sales Order Invoices cannot be credited in the Create Invoice From Existing Invoice utility as this function only applies to standard invoices.

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