Capture Customer Payment Options

Global Payment Method -> Credit Card / Debit Card / Cash

When a customer makes a deposit, pays an invoice, or makes a payment against his account, he can select to pay with Cash, Visa, Master Card, Debit Card, Amex, etc, as setup in the Methods of Payment table.
The Method of Payment determines how the payment is to be captured, processed, and posted to the General Ledger.
The capture of the Method of Payment is based on whether the Texada Pay feature has been activated and on the currency defined for the Customer.

Note: When the Texada Pay feature is not activated, and a Credit or Debit Card is used for the payment, the card must be scanned or recorded in both SRM Software to capture the card and payment information, and also on an external unit to execute the actual payment transaction.
With Texada Pay the Debit, Credit Card or Check payment is automatically passed to the Bank or clearing house for approval and payment processing. No additional scan or processing is required.

This page discusses payment configurations.
Refer to the Method of Payment Options and Explanations page for more details on taking the payment.

Storing Card Information:
When Texada Pay is not active any Credit Card information used for a payment is saved in the Customer Credit Cards window of the Customer Information, including the masked Card # where only the last few digits of the card are retained, along with the Card Type, the Name on the Card, and the Expiry Date.
When Texada Pay is active only Credit Card and Electronic Check information is saved in Customer Credit Cards if it was deliberately captured in Capture Card/Check on File to apply against future payments. Other payments by Credit Card do not save the card information.

Texada Pay Reporting:
The Texada Pay Payment Log - Inquiry provides the ability to view a list of the payments generated through 'Texada Pay' for a specific customer where the history can be filtered by Card Type, Date Range, and Status.
This information is also available for multiple customers and can be output to a report or spreadsheet from the Texada Pay Payment Log.

Some of the payment options and actions include:


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