Detailed Product Notes on P.O.

Purchase Order Menu -> Purchase Order -> Product Details -> Notes window -> Detailed Product Notes on P.O.

Counter Menu -> Contracts -> Contract Details -> Purchase Order Information -> Detailed Product Notes on P.O.

Product notes can be entered for individual items being ordered on the Purchase Order and can be flagged to print on the P.O.
This Notes window can be accessed on the second product detail line by clicking the EXP/CON button in the P.O. details.

These notes can also be viewed in the P.O. product information in Inventory Inquiry, Detailed Inventory Inquiry, Receiving Report By Vendor, Purchase Order Inquiry, and the P.O. inquiries.

Note: If the P.O. was created from a Sales Orders, product detail notes on the source order can be flagged to also print on the P.O.
Such notes will not be visible in this window or in P.O. inquiries, but they will print on the P.O. document.
Refer to Purchase Order from Sales Order Overview for details on this feature and the process flow.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Purchase Order Notes screen include:

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