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Many critical programs in the software are designed to be run by one operator at a time, sometimes by division or even by batch. This is a security feature applied to all posting programs.

If a second operator tries to initiate the same posting, a warning will appear on the screen preventing the second user from proceeding. The conflict in posting is controlled by the Posting Control flag, which is set internally when the first operator initiated the posting process. Information about that user and the time of the original lock is displayed in the window.

If for some reason, such as improper software shutdown or power failure, the first operator has not exited the function properly to release the program, then the Posting Control flag will not be reset automatically to allow the next person to run the posting program. The operator will not be able to proceed until the posting flag is reset.

Resetting the Posting Control Flag:
An operator will only be able to reset this Posting Control flag if he has permission to reset that specific flag as controlled by Permissions in the Security Role that is assigned to him in Operators.

Whenever a posting control flag is reset, a record is written to the Delete Log for the appropriate Function.

The reset controls include the following:

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Posting Control pop-up include:

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