P.O. Worksheet

Purchase Order Menu -> Inventory Re-Ordering -> P.O. Worksheet

The P.O. Worksheet can first be generated in Inventory Re-Order Report using the re-order requirements per product, or it can be created here manually.
The worksheet may be created or reviewed here by Agent and the product details by Vendor may be added, changed or deleted.
It can then be re-printed to reflect these adjustments from Print P.O. Worksheet. When completed, P.O.'s may be generated from Generate P.O. From Worksheet.
Sales parts or Rental equipment with the "Special Order" flag set in the Re-Order Information window of Sales Inventory or Rental Inventory, will be excluded from this re-order worksheet.

Note: The security by division feature as determined by Divisional Restricted Views does NOT apply to the P.O. re-order worksheet utilities.

The prompts to access the P.O. Worksheet are:

Enter the location for of the Worksheet or select it from the drop-down box.

Enter an active Agent code or select it from the drop-down list as setup in Purchasing Agent Codes.
Only active Purchasing Agents can be assigned to a P.O.
If a worksheet has been generated from Inventory Re-Order Report, a record for each of the Vendors for this Agent is displayed. Records can be added deleted or changed.
The fields are:
A sequence number is assigned to each Vendor record.

Enter a Vendor number, or select one from the Vendor Search window.
Any Vendor numbers per the Re-Order report also display.

The Vendor name displays.

A window is provided to access the product details for this Vendor.
Existing product details may be changed or deleted, and additional product records can be added.
The products are listed in Vendor Product description order.
In Add mode, this window opens automatically after the Ship Via information is entered.
The products for this Vendor display per the Re-Order Report.
A Product number may be added, or select one from the window using product lookup by Product#, Vendor, or select a Group.

Non-Bulk Rental Validation:
If a non-bulk rental product is added to the PO Worksheet, the following restrictions apply:

  • Quantity on Hand must be zero
  • Quantity on Tag must be zero
  • Import/Worksheet Quantity = 1
  • No quantity on another P.O.
  • No quantity on another P.O. Worksheet

The product description displays.

The suggested re-order quantity displays, per the Re-Order Report. If a P.O. is generated this quantity will be ordered. This quantity may be over-typed as required.
If the product is re-ordered by location, this remains 0 (zero) until the location order quantities are entered at the end of the record. The re-order total then displays correctly here and cannot be over-typed.

The price displayed is the cost per unit, per the Inventory Re-Order Report. This price may be over-typed as required.

When new products are added to the list, the re-order pricing setup in Alternate Vendor Purchasing is respected.
Refer to Purchase Orders for more information on re-order pricing.

This delivery date is calculated as the Re-Order Report date, plus the Lead time as entered for this Supplier in Vendor Information, in the Additional Information window.

The Vendor product number displays.

This field is optional and can be used to identify the reason for this order.
Type W if this P.O. is to fill a Work Order.
Type S if this P.O. is to fill a Sales Order.
Type O to indicate Other.
Leave the Type blank for stock.

If the Type entered is W (Work Order) or S (Sales Order), enter the Work Order number or Sales Order number.

The Supplier's product description displays, and may be over-typed as required. This description prints on the P.O., but it is Our product description that prints on the worksheet, to match the Re-Order Report.

If the product is NOT ordered by location this window does not appear.
If the product is ordered by location the window appears. Enter each relevant location and the quantity to be re-ordered for that location. The total quantity will be saved in the Quantity field on the previous screen.
Press <F9> or click the EXP/CON button to view the quantity statistics for each location as of the time the Re-order Report was generated.

Click ACCEPT to accept the details and exit the window.

In Change mode, a window is provided to view Notes for P.O. Multiple lines of notes may be entered.
In Add mode, this window opens automatically after the product details window is completed.
Each line of the Notes is assigned a sequence number.
Enter comments for this P.O.
Type Y (YES) to print these comments on each P.O. for this Vendor.
Type N (NO) to save these notes with the P.O. but not to print them on the P.O.

The Order Date displayed, is the date of the Re-order report.

The total value of the suggested re-order products displays.

The Terms default from the Vendor record in Vendor Information. These may be over-typed as required.

The method of shipping defaults from the Vendor record in Vendor Information, and may be over-typed as required, or select a Ship Via code from the drop-down list.

The minimum dollar amount that must be ordered on a P.O. from this supplier in order to be eligible for free shipping is displayed as defined in the Additional Information window in the Vendor Information.
This is information only to compare against the Order Total.

When all adjustments are completed, the worksheet can be re-printed from Print P.O. Worksheet.
The P.O.'s may then be generated from Generate P.O. From Worksheet.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the P.O. Worksheet screen include:

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