Employee Search

Search window -> Employee field -> Employee Search

Employee records can be setup in in Time Charge Operators for Time Charge billing.
These employees can also be assigned to complete repair and maintenance service on Work Orders.
An Employee can be linked to an SRM operator by assigning the employee number to the operator in the Operators table.

Leave the Last Name field blank to display all names and click SEARCH, or to narrow down the list enter the first few characters in the starting last time then click SEARCH.

Search Results:
The resulting list of employee names is displayed with any associated termination date.
The list can be resorted by any column in ascending or descending order, by clicking in the column heading.
Columns can also be dragged and dropped to reposition them as required.

To select a value from the displayed list, double-click on the appropriate record, or highlight the record and click the SELECT button.

Note: If this file becomes corrupt, it can be reconstructed using Regenerate Employee Name to # Cross Reference.

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