System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> System Tab -> Company & Divisions -> Zones

This utility that can also be added to an Additional Options menu to be accessible from the menu tree.

The Zones in this table are used by the Job Site Service Report and the Job Site Service Schedule.
Zones are setup by division with optional cities and Postal/ZIP codes.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the System - Zones in order to access this table.

The prompts to setup zones are:

Enter a division for the zone, or select one from the drop-down box.
Enter a code of up to 5 characters for this zone.

Enter the description for this zone.

A window is provided to enter the optional valid cities associated with this Zone.
The cities assigned in a Zone must already be included in the City Tax Codes table and the City Search window is provided to view and select valid cities.

A window is provided to enter any optional area codes associated with this zone.
If a city with a Postal Code assigned in City Tax Codes was added in the Cities window for the Zone, then the corresponding Postal Code is automatically added to this table as well.

Note: Postal/ZIP codes are not updated or removed if a City is changed or deleted and these need be to adjust manually if required.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Zones screen include:

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