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Reports Menu -> All Standard Reports -> Report Options

Following are the report output options available through out the software:

This value defaults to the operator preference as defined in Operators and can be re-selected for each individual report.

Select one of the following reporting options:

  • Select Print to generate the output according to the reporting selection currently defined for this session in the Printer Selection window, accessible from the Printer -> Set Printer option located on the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Select Excel to export the output to an Excel spreadsheet with an .xls extension.
    The ability to email the spreadsheet or display it on the screen is controlled by the Prompt to Email Spreadsheets flag set in Company Miscellaneous Parameters.

    XLS Format:
    The dates use the standard default in the spreadsheet output and do not respect the Europe/North American format flag set in the Company Information, as dates can be reformatted as required using Excel functionality.
    A date column is formatted on the spreadsheet as a Date column.
    A dollar column is formatted on the spreadsheet as a Currency column and displays two decimal points, with negative values displayed in red.
    A number only column such as a quantity column is formatted on the spreadsheet as a Custom column and displays two decimal points, with negative values are displayed in red.
    If the number of rows on a spreadsheet export exceeds 65000 rows, the output will be split over multiple tabs.

    Report totals are generally not generated in the spreadsheet output.
    If subtotals or totals are required, use the Excel functionality to generate them.

    Spreadsheet Export/Import with Dates:
    If a spreadsheet with updated date data is to be imported into SRM, be sure the date fields match that import's requirement format of MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY, before saving the updated information to a "tab delimited" txt file.

    Errors will occur if a workstation is configured in the 'Windows Excel Customize Format' setup to use a short date such as m/d/yy which removes leading zeros in the dates and shortens the year, because dates changed on the spreadsheet will automatically be converted to the invalid default format.
    To correct this issue either change the Windows Excel Format on the workstation, or change the field Type on the spreadsheet for each relevant date field to GENERAL so that the date field is not converted to the default "short date" format.

Click the ACCEPT button to generate the output, or CANCEL to abort.

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