Circular Pricing

System Maintenance Menu -> Configure System Settings -> Operations Tab -> Rental Rates & Pricing -> Circular Pricing

Circular pricing can be used to define special pricing for sales items for promotions such as mailings, flyers, or newspaper inserts.
Pricing can be set for sales merchandise by class, group, or product, for the duration of the sale and for selected divisions. These prices do not apply to rental products, kits, suggested sales list items, or to items marked as secondary items.

The pricing can be maintained in the Circular Pricing window in the "Rental Rates & Pricing" parameters on the Operations tab of the Configure System Settings.
An operator must be assigned a Security Role that allows permission to the Operations - Circular Pricing in order to access this table.

Prices are applied when the sales items are entered on the Counter Worksheet, Quotations, Reservations, Contracts, Counter Invoices or Point Of Sale Invoices.
Circular pricing selection is based on the system date, not the document date. If there is a circular in effect on the date the document is created or added to, those are the prices that apply.

On the document, after the quantity of an eligible sales product is entered, a window opens to display any circular pricing options currently offered for the item and the operator can select the appropriate pricing.
If circular pricing for new List, Discount off List, or dollar of List, is taken, then the customer will NOT qualify for any other discount programs.

Post Document Discounts To G/L
This Company Posting Parameters controls how discounts, including Circular Pricing discounts given on sales, are posted to the General Ledger.

The prompts to setup a circular pricing promotion include:

In Add mode, accept the sequential system generated number, or over-type it with a preferred number.

A window is provided to view and select from any existing promotions as outlined in Circular Search.
Old circular records can be re-accessed and made active again by updating the dates, and pricing as required. This could be useful to re-activate annual seasonal promotions.

Circulars that will no longer be used can be deleted by using <F7> or the DELETE button.
Delete the details first and then the header.

Enter a brief description of this pricing promotion that will be useful to the operator at the counter, to help him identify the special pricing plan, and explain it to the customer.

Accept today's date, or enter the correct starting date valid for the sale.
Accept the beginning of the day, or enter the correct starting time for the sale.

Note: This is the real-time date and time on the system server when the sales items were entered on the document. It is NOT the document date.

Accept a week from the Start Date of the circular, or enter the correct ending date valid for the sale.
Accept the end of the day, or enter the correct ending time for the sale.

Circular pricing only applies on documents for the divisions identified here.
  • Type ALL if this sales pricing promotion applies to all divisions.
  • If this circular applies to only a single division, press spacebar and <ENTER> for the Head Office Division, or enter a specific division code, or select from the valid divisions in the drop-down list.

  • Type SEL to enter multiple divisions in the window, that should receive this special pricing.
    Press <F3> to accept the divisions selected and exit the window.

Product Pricing Details for this Promotion

The type of price code determines how the price will be calculated.
A drop-down selection list is provided in the window on this field in Add mode.

The list price in the Product File will be discounted by the specified percent.

A new list price will be entered to be used for this promotion, in place of the regular list price from the Product File.

The list price in the Product File will be reduced by the specified amount, but will never go less than zero.

If a certain quantity of a sales item is purchased, then a preset quantity of another (or same product) is given free (100% discounted).
This pricing option does not apply to serialized sales items at the P- Product 'Level'.

This field determines the product level for which this pricing applies.
A drop-down selection list is provided in the window on this field in Add mode.

P if this pricing applies for a specific sales PRODUCT.
G if this pricing applies for a complete GROUP of sales items.
C if this pricing applies for a complete CLASS of sales items.

Enter either the sales Product number, the sales Group number or the sales Product Class, according to the Level specified for this pricing record.

A window is provided to search for the appropriate sales Product, Group, or Class.

If an identifying coupon code or number is entered for this pricing detail, then at the counter the customer must supply the coupon and the operator must scan that coupon number in for a match in order to receive the circular price.

Leave this field blank if the coupon is not mandatory for this sale.

Enter the special price value in this field according to the Type of sale promotion defined.

For type D pricing, enter the discount percent to be taken off the product file list price.
For type L pricing, enter the new list price.
For type P pricing, enter the dollar amount to be taken off the product file list price.

This field does not apply and is skipped for type B pricing.

Enter the product quantity that must be purchased in order to be eligible for the special circular price or promotion.
Serialized Sales parts are always restricted to a quantity of one.

This field only applies to type B pricing promotions.
Enter the product quantity that is given free at 100% discount, if the customer buys the Required Quantity.
This field also only applies to type B pricing promotions.
Enter the product number that is given free on this promotion.
This can be the same or an entirely different product. If this field is left blank, the free product will default to the same as the purchased product.

Expanded Pricing Detail
Click EXP/CON button or press <F9> to expand the pricing detail line to view the description of the sales product, group, or class, and the free sales product description if applicable.

When all the sales coupons and information has been entered for the circular, press <F3> or click ACCEPT to accept the pricing information and to exit the screen.

Circular Pricing Selection window on the Document
If a sales product that is eligible for circular pricing is entered on a Contract, Reservation, Rental Quote, Counter Invoice, or Worksheet, after the quantity is entered the current pricing options are displayed in a pop-up window, as outlined in Select Circular Pricing.

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