Contract Billings Inquiry

Counter Menu -> Inquiries -> Contract Billings Inquiry

Counter Menu -> Contract / Counter Worksheet / Miscellaneous Invoice -> Additional window -> Billing History window -> Contract Billings Inquiry

Counter Menu -> Miscellaneous Invoice -> Source Document window -> Contract Billings Inquiry

This inquiry shows the billing history by the Contract or by Invoice.
It can be accessed from the Additional Information options on documents such as the Miscellaneous Invoice or the Contract.
It lists all the invoices that have been generated from the contract.

Note: If the inquiry has originated from a document, then the Search By and the Document# will already be defined.

If not preset, select one of the options for the search:

  • Click Contract to list all invoices billed for this contract with the location and status of each.
  • Click Invoice to view the source contract that triggered this invoice.
    Note: Other invoices generated from the same contract will not be listed.

If not preset, enter the source contract number or invoice number to trigger the search.

Resulting Document Detail List:
The Contract # is displayed with a list of all invoices billed for this contract along with the Invoice Date, Invoice Number, the current Location (CURRENT, BATCH, HISTORY) from which the invoices could be reprinted, the Invoice Total, and the Cycle Billed flag.

Billing statuses in the Cycle Billed column include:

Windows are provided to drill down to View Contract and View Invoice information as outlined in Document Search Utility.

A Total Billings amount for the contract is supplied at the bottom.

Note: The security by division feature as determined by Divisional Restricted Views does NOT apply to this Contract Billings inquiry utility.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Contract Billings Inquiry screen include:

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