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Counter Menu -> Document Reprints -> Print Contracts

This option can be used to reprint the contract at any time.
A copy of the original contract is saved and can be reproduced as well as a copy of the most recently updated version of the contract.
The ability to reprint the contract remains until the contract is deleted, either with the Housekeeping program Purge Archived Contracts, or in Contracts.

Note: Once equipment has been returned or sold from the contract, the items are marked as sold or returned but this is not reflected if the contract is reprinted after a return.
The purpose of this program is NOT to show the current status of the contract, but to reflect the original document which the customer signed.

The contract prints on plain paper or on a preprinted form, which can be obtained from Nebs form # 9000 or from your local printer.
For order information, refer to Equipment Management Contract/Invoice Forms.
This re-print Contracts utility respects the forms control print format defined for TX_RSCD10.RPT as setup in Customer Forms for Crystal or Jasper forms control.

The prompts are:

Enter the first contract in the range to print or lookup the contract up in the Contract Search window.

Enter the last contract to print or lookup the contract up in the window.
All contracts between the first and last contract (including the first and last) will print. If only one contract is required, type in the same contract number in the starting and ending fields.

The contracts included in the output are restricted by division according to the Divisional Restricted Views assigned to the operator.

Select one of:
  • Select Current if the contract is recent or has not yet been moved to history. Most contracts will be Current.
  • Select History if the contract has been moved to Contract History.

SRM Software has the ability to capture two versions of each contract.
  • The first saved image of the contract is captured when the contract is created and accepted.
    This becomes the Original Copy and it includes complete information on the customer, site, dates, products, services, quantities, costs and taxes, etc. as the contract was initially entered.
    This Original Copy is a fixed image that is not updated by any changes made to the contract.
  • A second copy of the contract is saved to capture any modifications or updates that are subsequently made.
    The second copy is updated and re-saved each time changes are made so that this second copy always reflects the latest or current version of the contract.

This feature provides the option to reproduce the original contract agreement with the customer, as well as an updated version including any changes or adjustments.

Check this box to print the contracts, as initially entered.
Uncheck this box to print the latest version of the contracts to reflect any modifications.

If the Reprint Original Copy option is selected for an old contract with no original saved, a warning is triggered as outlined in Error Message.

Note: Because cylinder contracts are ongoing and constantly changing, the "Original" copies are not saved for contracts generated from Cylinder Entry.

Check this box to only include the products that are still out on the contract and exclude products with a Status of R as they have been returned.
A note is printed in the header of the printed Contract to indicate that the document does not include returned items.

Uncheck this box to omit the products that have already been returned on the printed contract.

Check this box to print the estimated rental charge for the contract. This is useful for customers paying cash. It is generally not desired for customers On Account, since the customers may confuse the contract with the invoice and pay both.

Uncheck this box to omit the estimated rental charges on this copy of the printed contract.

Enter the marketing code for the optional comments to be printed on the contract, or select it from the Marketing Code Search window.

This field is only enabled when the Use Contact Document Emailing feature is activated in the Company Email Configuration.

Uncheck this box to print the document instead of emailing it.

Check this box to email the selected contracts to the appropriate contacts flagged in the Contact Information for the customer/site.

  • If the document is emailed it will not be printed as well.
  • If a single document is to be emailed the Compose Email pop-up is triggered that can be customized, or the operator can Cancel out to print the document instead of emailing.
  • If a range of documents are emailed, any documents in the selection range that were not emailed (i.e. there are no valid contact addresses flagged to receive a contract) are printed instead.
  • If a range of documents are emailed the total number to be emailed is displayed and confirmation is required, to help prevent a mass email run from being sent in error.

A printer can be confirmed or re-selected from the Printer option located on the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Click the ACCEPT button to generate the output, or click the CANCEL button to abort.

Print Format Option:
The option to re-print the document in the Standard format, or print using Crystal or Jasper forms is provided if Customer Forms has been activated and setup for this division, with the option to Prompt Format On Reprint.

Document Reprint Log:
When multiple contracts are emailed or printed a Document Reprint Log is generated listing the documents with the actions and recipients.

Copies to Print:
In this reprint by range utility, only one copy is printed for standard or Crystal forms documents.
For Jasper forms documents, the quantity to print can be set from the pdf print window.

When printing the invoices from the Contract Totals and Services the print quantity can be set as follows:

  • Crystal forms: the number of copies to print can be set by division in Customer Forms Document Mapping
  • Jasper forms: the number of copies to print can be set for each pdf document at the time of printing
  • Standard forms: the number of copies to print can be set in Company Contract Parameters

This prompt only appears when a single contract is to be printed with no extensions, and if the option to Prompt to Print Rates when Suppressing Extensions, is activated in the "Print Settings" of Divisional Contract Parameters for the document's division, as outlined in Print Product Rates.

This option is triggered when a single contract is being printed and if an order for a sales part, re-rent item, or service, has been generated directly from this contract.

Click YES to print all Purchase Orders associated with this contract now.

Click NO to skip printing the P.O. at this time.
The P.O. can also be printed from Print Purchase Orders.

Refer to Contract/Purchase Order Link Overview for details on this feature.

Printing Rules Governing Contract Appearance:
Contracts can be printed in standard format or using forms control as setup and defined by division in the Customer Forms.
Terms and Conditions to print with the contract can be defined as explained in Customer Forms.
Below are the basic rules for the contract printing.
If your firm has a custom contract printing program or is using one of the alternative contract printing programs, your rules may vary slightly.

Contract Header
  • If there is an address for the contract division, stored in the "Division Name" window of Divisions, then this Company Name and address prints on the Contract.
  • For Jasper forms, company-wide and divisional logos can be defined in the Company Customer Forms, where the divisional logo matches the document division (not necessarily the customer division).

  • The following headings do not print if they were left blank during Contract entry: Division, Site, I.D., Reference, P.O. #, Rental Discount, Sales Discount, Ship To Telephone, Salesman.

  • If the document originated from a Portal Confirmation, the Portal Confirmation number is added to the document header comments with the flag to print, to help identify the source of a contract/reservation/invoice.

  • The Due Date from the first screen of the contract only prints in the Contract header for Cash customer contracts and is suppressed on contracts for On Account customers in the Standard and Crystal document formats.
    Jasper forms always prints the Contract Period on the header of the document.

  • The clerk will print if Prompt For Clerk is activated in the Company Security Parameters.
    On Jasper forms the clerk code prints with the date printed at the bottom centre of the document.

  • The Cycle Billing Day Code does not print at all.

  • If a line was left blank in the Bill To or Ship To addresses, the empty space will be collapsed in order to improve the address appearance.

  • If the Driver's License is captured, it can be printed on the document header according to the Print Driver's License flag in the Company Contract Parameters.

  • If there are standard sales or rental discounts given to this customer and/or site, a note with the discount percentages can be printed on the document header according to the Print Discount Comments flag in the Company Contract Parameters.

  • If the Delivery and/or Pickup is required on the contract, a note can be printed on the document header according to the Print Pickup and Delivery Comments flag in the Company Contract Parameters.

  • If a Rental Value Limit applies for a customer, a comment prints on each of his Contracts including:

    • the value of rental equipment on this contract
    • the value of all rental equipment the customer currently has out, that is value controlled
    • the customer's Rental Value Limit
    Note: The Comment can be suppressed for customers when no Rental Value Limit has been set per the flag in the Company Standard Waiver Settings.

    Refer to Customer Information for more information about the "Rental Value Limit" feature.

  • An alternate language can be used on the contract, using the wording as entered in Document Field Labels for Standard and Crystal form formats.
    Jasper forms use a separate language file as outlined in Company Customer Forms.

  • XML output of the counter document information includes the operator code, and operator name.

Contract Details
  • When entering Contract comments (notes), a flag can be set to print each individual comment line. Only comments flagged to print will print out on the contract between the contract header (after the Bill To/Ship To Addresses) and before contract product details.
  • The Standard and Crystal formats print the products in the order selected on the document according to the Document Sort Preference selection.
    Jasper forms is designed to list all Rentals first, followed by Sales, and then Services and Taxes. The Document Sort Preference is applied within the Rentals list and within the Sales list.

  • The Standard and Crystal forms print the rates in the middle of the product detail line and always print the columns headings for Rate Per Unit (4 hrs, Daily, Weekly, 28 Days) that are determined by the selection in Company Default Rates.
    The first five rates which are flagged to print in the RATE BOOK are used as the headings.
    If the items rented have rental rates with Rate Codes identical to the Rate Codes used by the five selected Company Default Rates, the rental rates will print on the contract under the appropriate heading.

    On Jasper forms the rates print below each rental product detail, and the Print 1st 5 Rates On Counter Docs parameter in the Company Customer Forms determines whether it is the rates flagged to print in 'Ratebook' per the Company Default Rates that also print on the Jasper rental document, or whether it is the first 5 rates associated with the specific product on each line item that print on the document instead.

  • A default to Print Extended Amounts on the Contract can be set in the "Print Settings" of the Divisional Contract Parameters, but can be over-typed as required.

  • On Jasper documents, the Rental Period represents the Hours Out on the Contract since the last billing and does not necessarily reflect the hours billed.
    The prompt to Print Rental Period in the "Print Settings" of the Divisional Contract Parameters controls whether the Rental Period is printed on Jasper and "Plain Paper" Contracts.

    The Show Rent Period 1 Day If Less Than 1 Day & Daily Rate Used flag in the Company Customer Forms controls whether a One day rental period is printed on the document when the Rental Period for the item is actually less than a day, but the item is being billed the full daily rate.
    This feature applies to Jasper Invoices/Contracts/Quotes/Reservations and Plain Paper Invoices.

    Note: Exceptions could occur due to Pro-rating or Over-time hours as controlled by the Rental Product Class.

  • When a single Contract is printed without the extended net dollar amounts, an option can be provided whether to print the rate structures that would apply for the rental equipment.
    This feature can be activated according to the document division, in the "Print Settings" of the Divisional Contract Parameters. The operator then has the option to suppress the rate information, or to print the standard rates for the equipment, or to print any special/discounted rates on the document as outlined in Print Product Rates.

  • If a sales item has serial numbers associated, the serial number selected during contract entry will print on the contract next to the product description.

  • The Date/Time Out prints with each rental item.
    Sales items do not print the Date/Time Out.

  • If the equipment had been exchanged using Contract Exchanges, the exchange date and time are printed below the product detail with the original product number.

  • If the equipment had been "down rented" using a Substitution Transaction the “Customer Message” defined in Substitution Reason Codes for that substitution reason prints below the product detail.
    If no “Customer Message” has been setup the Reason Code description prints.
    The originally requested asset number and description does not print on the document.

  • Safety Notes print directly below each rental item, as setup for the rental equipment in Product Safety Notes.
    Group safety notes will also print below the product safety notes only if that note is not already assigned to the product.

  • If Damage Waiver was selected, the selected Damage Waiver description will print in the Services section after the products are listed.

  • When a G.S.T. Number is defined in the Divisions table and "Print GST Asterisk on Documents" is enabled in the Company Contract Parameters then an asterisk (*) prints next to all assets and sales items that do not have GST as Tax Code 1.
    This is usually an indicator that the product is GST exempt.

  • If a Deposit was entered, the Deposit information with the amount print on the contract.

  • A currency comment can be printed on the contract when the customer has a currency other than the company's currency, such as "SOLD IN $US".
    This can be setup in Document Field Labels by currency code.

  • The prompt to Print No-Charge Items in the Divisional Printing Parameters determines whether or not items which rent or sell for zero amount print on the document.

  • The prompt to Print Detail Line 2 in the "Print Settings" of the Divisional Contract Parameters, governs the second detail print line of the contract.
    The second line per rental item includes the Serial number (non-bulk only), Discount amount, and the Date/Time Due.

  • In Divisional Printing Parameters the prompt to Print Time In Document Details controls the printing of the TIME on the product details, on Contracts, Invoices, and Off Rentals.
    If the Time is suppressed, the wording of "DATE/TIME OUT" on the Contract, should be changed in Document Field Labels to something more appropriate, such as "DATE OUT".

  • XML output of the contract or invoice product detail information includes the Sales or Rental Group code Group description.

Service Details
  • When a service does not 'prompt for a quantity' as setup in the Service Codes table, the quantity field is left blank on the printed form including invoices, contracts, reservations, quotes and Work Orders.
Note: The setting in Company Contract Parameters to print multiple copies of the contract does not apply to this reprint contract option.

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