Job Site Service Schedule

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Maintenance and service of your current job sites on open contracts can be regularly scheduled.
This utility displays the current service schedule record by Contract, with the option to view and update the Service History dates or to update the Interval Days used by that contract.
A complete report of contracts requiring service can be generated by clicking the REPORT button, or an updated file of service transactions can be imported for a range of contracts.

Service Interval:
The Site address and service interval in days, can be setup in the Customer Site Information, by Site # for relevant customers.
Then when the Site # is entered on a Contract for the customer, the Site address and service interval become the default information on the document. This can be over-typed as required for the specific Contract.

This Job Schedule utility provides access to update the last service date and the service history as follows:

Enter the Contract #, or select the contract from the Contract Search window.
The Site number, address and phone number from the Contract are displayed for information purposes.
The Out Date from the Contract header is displayed for information purposes.

The last date this site was last serviced for this contract is displayed, which can be manually updated in the Job Site Service History window.

The Job Site Service History window on this field lists all the service transactions for this contract by date with the driver and any comment.
Records can be changed and added but not deleted.

The Service Interval defined for the contract displays, and can be manually adjusted as required to change the service due date calculated when Job Site Service Report is next run.

Additional actions provided by buttons on the Job Site Service Schedule screen include:

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